Meaning of fruity in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfruːti/

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adjectiveadjective fruitier, adjective fruitiest

  • 1(especially of food or drink) resembling or containing fruit.

    ‘fruity cocktails’
    • ‘a light and fruity Beaujolais’
    • ‘When I visited, she had made crêpes, filled with marrow and cauliflower from the garden, a spicy tomato sauce and couscous with some creamy beetroot and fruity carrot salad on the side.’
    • ‘We shared a slice of baked almond tart, served warm with cream and a jam-like fruity sauce.’
    • ‘As we waited for the next course to arrive, the now obligatory cappuccino-cup of soup arrived - a beautifully fruity tomato soup with the consistency of gazpacho and tinged with melon.’
    • ‘If you are going to make a honey or fruity salad dressing, it should have only a touch of sweetness, leaving the vinegar as the main player.’
    • ‘After a week of putting mascarpone, crème fraîche and cream on the table every night to accompany hot, fruity desserts, I still went back to my old favourite.’
    • ‘In this stovetop recipe, the beef juices meld with dried apricots, mustard, and wine, creating a smoky, fruity stew.’
    • ‘A pool of apricot purée with mango-cube swimmers plays the role of fruity syrup.’
    • ‘Here's a wild recipe that's super easy to make and super fun to eat as a light and fruity snack!’
    • ‘Strawberries are a natural for fruity desserts.’
    • ‘Costillas, or pork ribs, come grilled with an interesting fruity sauce that holds its sweetness in check.’
    • ‘Besides, my dessert selection would certainly benefit from something fruity, would it not?’
    • ‘Cassis one, though, was excellent; macaron itself was light and fragile as well as flavourful, which was enhanced by the fruity cassis jelly inside.’
    • ‘In the health arena, however, milk will continue to face stiff competition from its own fruity cousins drinkable yogurts and smoothies.’
    • ‘I like that kind of dessert, because it allows each guest to adjust his serving to his own appetite: if you feel pretty full, you can just have the fruity part.’
    • ‘Today we celebrate the marriage with a handful of fruity, creamy recipes for making the most of this season's favourite partners.’
    • ‘You can make this fruity purée up to 1 day ahead; cool, cover, and chill.’
    tasting of fruit, containing fruit
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  • 2(of a voice or sound) mellow, deep, and rich.

    ‘Jeffery had a wonderfully fruity voice’
    • ‘All were marked by their quintessential Englishness - their rich, fruity voices take some getting used to if you watch them on video today.’
    • ‘He laughs at the idea of miso soup and rice becoming as ubiquitous as spaghetti and minestrone; he has a great, deep, fruity laugh.’
    • ‘Soprano Juliane Banse's fruity voice is neither childish nor stereotypically innocent, but her diction and sensitivity to words are exquisite.’
    • ‘Sally Johnson's Liza provided a lovely voice, equally rich and fruity in solo work.’
    • ‘The four-pot JTS motor is smooth, flexible and, though over-silenced, sounds pleasantly fruity.’
    • ‘It is over thirty years since Aladdin Sane was unleashed on us, and he sounds as fresh and fruity today as he did then.’
    • ‘The 2.4 litre i-VTEC engine doesn't spin quite so readily, or sound quite as fruity, as Honda's other sporty engines and nor does it develop quite so much power as I was expecting.’
    • ‘Violist Richard Fleischman played with a vibrant, fruity tone that suited this music perfectly.’
    • ‘Another highlight is the new Beetle Cabriolet with its distinctive styling and fruity 1.6 and 2.0-litre engines.’
    • ‘It had a height-adjustable driver's seat, electric windows all round, air conditioning and - most important of all - a genuinely fruity stereo.’
    resonant, deep, rich, full, full-toned, full-bodied
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    1. 2.1British informal Sexually suggestive in content or style.
      • ‘that is another, more fruity story’
      • ‘he disparages as ‘fruity’ a marble fountain of a nymph’
      • ‘So, to recap: that's two Canadians, two Scots, and two filthy fruity sexpots.’
      • ‘Trouble is, it has all become a bit fruity and earthy, despite the best efforts of the SRU to keep it clean and wholesome.’
      • ‘I've got a terrible string of fruity obscenities building up inside me.’
      • ‘Try Rentboy Diaries, or the fantastically fruity Girl With A One-Track Mind, and a whole Indecent Blogging empire.’
      smutty, bawdy, naughty, spicy, earthy, broad, wicked
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  • 3mainly US informal Eccentric or crazy.

    • ‘a kind of fruity professor’
    • ‘That sounds totally stuck-up and fruity, but it's true.’
    • ‘We all had our reasons for going to Tommy's work on Wednesdays, because as fruity as it sounded usually we all went.’
    • ‘That sounds a bit fruity, I know, but its kinda there in the maths.’
    • ‘She was full-bodied, very soft in the mouth and determinedly fruity.’
    • ‘In a fruity campaign chock full of nutty ingredients, a win by a Liberal candidate supported by Labor Unity unions would ice the cake.’
    • ‘His composers ear on alert, Davis achieves a fruity collision of classical form and improv fire.’
    • ‘They offer a funky range of fruity utility wear.’
    • ‘She's ditzy, a little fruity and unafraid to speak her mind.’
    • ‘Laila, I think you're fruity and maybe even loony, but to erase you off the planet would leave an absence of heart far larger than your physical form.’
    • ‘Allana bent over and playfully kissed him on the lips as she said, ‘Nothing but the best for the brave, if somewhat fruity, captain.’’
    • ‘It endangered his reputation, after all, and he couldn't afford getting a reputation as harmless, fruity geek at this school.’
  • 4North American informal, derogatory Relating to or associated with gay people.