Meaning of frumpy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfrʌmpi/

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adjectiveadjective frumpier, adjective frumpiest

  • Dowdy and old-fashioned (typically used of a woman or her clothes)

    ‘I look like a frumpy mess’
    • ‘frumpy, shapeless dresses’
    • ‘With Tiffany gone, she no longer looked so dull and frumpy in comparison.’
    • ‘Every fall I struggle to find a pair of shoes which are comfortable but not frumpy.’
    • ‘It's nice to see so many women over the age of 30 continuing to play the love interest these days instead of being relegated to the frumpy mom roles.’
    • ‘On most women, that dress would have looked positively frumpy.’
    • ‘She began hosting her own dress swaps last year in a bid to show people that not all second-hand clothes are frumpy.’
    • ‘There is a cheap sheen to the material and it makes me look a bit frumpy.’
    • ‘I felt a bit fat and frumpy.’
    • ‘She's tired of hiding in the background, feeling frumpy and a bit embarrassed.’
    • ‘She wore a frumpy uniform to serve customers.’
    • ‘My tastes tend towards the traditional, but I do n't want it to look frumpy.’
    dowdy, frumpish, unfashionable, old-fashioned
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