Meaning of FTW in English:



informal mainly North American
  • For the win, used as an expression of affirmation or strong approval.

    • ‘even though this is the pre-season you can't count out the revenge factor—Arizona FTW!’
    • ‘Today, I got 3 new games and DVD, Christmas money FTW!’
    • ‘Come on, full marks for maths test ftw!’
    • ‘Red hair accessories and french braids FTW!’
    • ‘Either the New Yorker has access to super-classified government intel (Seymour Hersh FTW!), or they just possess a healthy enough imagination to have come up with this approximate sketch of Obama's new and improved Blackberry.’
    • ‘Honest guys, ftw.’
    • ‘The acting is solid, fronted by Crowe and Giamatti and a hard-to-recognize Craig Bierko (Bierko FTW), and Howard creates some genuinely exciting boxing sequences.’
    • ‘Blog power FTW.’
    • ‘Class unity FTW!’
    • ‘About an hour and a half later, mother was finished and I drove us down to Point Cook for some ice cream (cookie dough flavour FTW it had chunks of cookie dough in it).’
    • ‘Proof-reading before submitting FTW.’
    • ‘Anyway, I found that a bit meandering, and while the Japanese one started with a bang and looked promising, it continued in less purposeful style, so for sheer likeability, Cameroon FTW.’
    • ‘Had lunch at Swensens (1 for 1 treats ftw!)’
    • ‘My most loved post was this one, mainly because of its sensationalist headline: Headlines ftw.’
    • ‘I hate using 'view source' and searching through code; overlay FTW!’
    • ‘Not that the large majority of phone owners will ever get an update with this in it but hey, Open Source FTW, eh?’


1980s originally in motorcyclists' slang, as an abbreviation of fuck the world.