Meaning of fuchsin in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfuːksiːn/


(also fuchsine)
mass noun
  • A deep red synthetic dye used as a biological stain and disinfectant.

    A chloride of rosaniline; chemical formula: C₂₀H₂₀N₃Cl

    ‘Serial 3 m sections were stained with 1% aqueous acid fuchsin, and counter-stained with 0.05% toluidine blue.’
    • ‘Sections were also stained with Luna's aldehyde fuchsin as well as with orcein for observation and quantification of elastic fibers.’
    • ‘Schiff reagent is formed by the reaction of basic fuchsin with sulfurous acid.’
    • ‘A small random subsample of roots from each core was stained with acid fuchsin for internal mycorrhizal assessment.’
    • ‘Ground substance or basement membrane is stained by aldehyde fuchsin, periodic acid-Schiff stain, and toluidine blue.’


Mid 19th century from German Fuchs ‘fox’, translating French Renard(the name of the chemical company which first produced fuchsin commercially) + -in.