Meaning of fucus in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfjuːkəs/

nounplural noun fuci/ˈfjuːsʌɪ/

  • A seaweed of a large genus of brown algae having flat leathery fronds.

    Genus Fucus, class Phaeophyceae

    ‘A professor of microbiology at the university discovered the bacteria earlier this year growing on fucus seaweed in the Firth of Forth.’
    • ‘Species of Fucus are recorded almost world-wide.’
    • ‘In 2005, it was announced that bacteria grown on Fucus have the ability to attack and kill the MRSA superbug.’


Early 17th century (denoting a cosmetic): from Latin, ‘rock lichen, red dye, rouge’, from Greek phukos ‘seaweed’, of Semitic origin.