Meaning of fuel cap in English:

fuel cap

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  • A cap that closes the end of the pipe leading to the petrol tank of a motor vehicle or aircraft.

    ‘he discovered the fuel cap was loose’
    • ‘A transponder immobiliser, shielded door locks and lockable fuel cap will keep would-be thieves at bay.’
    • ‘Pedro supervised the refuelling operation, carefully locking the fuel cap with a huge padlock afterwards.’
    • ‘One of the intrepid firemen approached the jet, looked underneath, and reported our centerline fuel cap was missing.’
    • ‘With the bird-strike inspection complete and the fuel cap reset, we again set out to complete our mission.’
    • ‘To ensure you are getting accurate readings, ensure the fuel cap is well tightened and sealed after closing.’
    • ‘Remove all keys, and lock the equipment and the fuel cap at the end of operations to reduce the risk of vandalism.’
    • ‘A lot of companies will park their equipment in one or two lines so that whatever side the fuel cap is on is toward the center.’
    • ‘I've also determined to carry a spare fuel filter as well as the spare fuel cap with me from now on.’
    • ‘Studies show that an unsecured fuel cap results in a warranty cost of about $1 per car.’
    • ‘He was one of seven motorists whose fuel caps were prised off in a car park in the Suffolk village.’