Meaning of fuel cell in English:

fuel cell

Pronunciation /ˈfjuː(ə)l sɛl/


  • A cell producing an electric current direct from a chemical reaction.

    ‘The micro fuel cell generates electric power through a chemical reaction by mixing hydrogen and methanol.’
    • ‘The fuel cell generates electricity as a by-product of a chemical reaction involving dilute methanol.’
    • ‘The amount of electricity the fuel cell produces depends on the size of the cell as well as the rate of flow of the hydrogen.’
    • ‘It is very likely that the car of the future will be an electric car that gets its electricity from a fuel cell.’
    • ‘A fuel cell generates electricity by separating the electrons from the protons of hydrogen atoms.’
    • ‘The gas is fed under electronic control to a fuel cell where it mixes with oxygen in the air intake to create electricity and water.’
    • ‘This boosted the rate of proton exchange and increased the fuel cell's power by half as much again.’
    • ‘The micro fuel cell is a standalone device shaped like a cradle for recharging handsets.’
    • ‘In the Illinois fuel cell, the physical membrane is replaced by the behavior of laminar flow.’
    • ‘Schimmel points out that an adjustment in the fuel cell itself may provide a solution.’
    • ‘The fuel cell, about the same size as a standard rechargeable camcorder battery, was used to operate a camcorder.’
    • ‘Putting it simply, the fuel cell consumes oxygen and this creates an electric current which is measured as a percentage of oxygen.’
    • ‘At present, a single fuel cell can provide enough power to recharge a cell phone battery once.’
    • ‘Although superficially similar to a battery, a fuel cell gets its energy in a different way.’
    • ‘The only modifications include rear-mounted battery pods and a fuel cell relocated to the rear trunk.’
    • ‘The fuel cell combines hydrogen with oxygen from the air to generate electricity that powers the vehicle.’
    • ‘That's the promise of the miniaturized fuel cell, which could end the long run of the storage battery.’
    • ‘However, the fuel cell will have a much earlier impact on the electrical grid than the automobile.’
    • ‘For less than the cost of developing a fuel cell you can modify a current engine to run on hydrogen.’
    • ‘But every time the fuel cell is turned off waste heat is lost as the fuel cell cools.’