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fuel injection


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mass noun
  • The direct introduction of fuel under pressure into the combustion units of an internal combustion engine.

    ‘To this the students may add the options of turbocharger or supercharger, carburetor or fuel injection with electronic engine management.’
    • ‘The diesel uses second-generation common rail diesel injection and incorporates computer-controlled fuel injection and high pressure directly into the combustion chamber.’
    • ‘Consider a bike with shaft drive, a 6-speed gearbox, Bosch fuel injection and moderate, ride-all-day ergonomics.’
    • ‘It packs a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cyl engine with direct fuel injection and some 274 hp.’
    • ‘The excellent International-developed hydraulic-assist direct fuel injection generates as much as 26,000 psi pressure at the injector.’
    • ‘The new engine employs a common-rail direct injection system with precision-controlled fuel injection pressure and injection timing along with a small high efficiency turbocharger.’
    • ‘The MTU 6V 199 TE20 diesel engine is fitted with direct fuel injection, an exhaust gas turbocharger, liquid cooling and electronic engine management system.’
    • ‘In warm weather, engines with fuel injection and electronic ignition start easily enough to hide a worn-out battery.’
    • ‘Mazda eventually plans to add direct fuel injection and turbocharging to the I - 4 lineup.’
    • ‘Thanks to its CDI electronic fuel injection, even the usual diesel engine sound is muted.’
    • ‘Our direct fuel injection can be flexibly adapted to meet the varying requirements of engine builders.’
    • ‘These new engines are also engineered for various technologies to be added as needed, such as displacement-on-demand and direct fuel injection.’
    • ‘The turbocharged 6-cylinder powerplant will feature full electronic fuel injection, considered technically impossible on a diesel until only a few years ago.’
    • ‘Engine efficiency is enhanced even further by an intercooler and direct fuel injection.’
    • ‘The latter also features variable exhaust valve timing and sequential multi-port fuel injection, but does away with the combustion chamber trough in the center of the piston that helps stratify the air-fuel charge on the turbo engine.’
    • ‘To this point, electronics have been used in spot locations in vehicles for such things as fuel injection, antilock brakes and electronic clocks.’
    • ‘Rather, features like high pressure turbocharging and common rail fuel injection are imposing higher loads on all components, and especially the crankshaft and the combustion chamber.’
    • ‘Electronic control of fuel injection also enables softening of the power pulses to smooth and quiet the engine, even at idle.’
    • ‘They had no fuel injection, no independent suspension, no air bags, no antilock brakes, no nothing!’
    • ‘The latest engine would have 16 cylinders, multi-point fuel injection and 4 turbos, but it would be a side-valve design so you could use Model-T Ford parts on it.’