Meaning of fuel pump in English:

fuel pump

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  • 1A device that pumps liquid fuel from a fuel tank to the internal combustion engine.

    ‘apparently I need a new fuel pump’
    • ‘I had the electric fuel pump replaced at 205,000 miles in my Mazda 626.’
    • ‘In addition, why is the fuel pump located in the gas tank?’
    • ‘As two engines on deck kicked in to drive the fuel pumps, the smell of oil intensified.’
    • ‘The fuel pumps and filters were replaced and the fuel tank was cleansed and sealed.’
    • ‘Did the car maker finally figure out how to design a reliable fuel pump system?’
    • ‘New items included a stainless steel exhaust, fuel tank, and an electronic fuel pump.’
    • ‘All the aircraft were temporarily grounded in 2011 because of a faulty fuel pump.’
    • ‘If your fuel runs low, you could put stress on the fuel pump.’
    • ‘Montoya was involved in a wreck at Daytona and had a fuel pump problem at Bristol.’
    • ‘Gerhart had the dominant car last year before a failed fuel pump ended his race.’
  • 2A piece of equipment installed in a petrol station to dispense petrol, diesel, etc. into the fuel tank of a motor vehicle.

    ‘when reopened, it will feature new fuel pumps, an updated car wash, and a completely refurbished kiosk’
    • ‘The total discount that customers were able to get at the fuel pump was well above four cents.’
    • ‘The new outlet will have a bank of nine fuel pumps and the retailer is confident its fuel prices for members will be the lowest in the market.’
    • ‘The fuel pump price war heated up yesterday as the supermarket chain slashed the price for unleaded by 6p a litre.’
    • ‘But inflation eased at the fuel pumps as petrol prices rose by 2.2p a litre against 3.3p a litre a year earlier.’
    • ‘For Americans who drive up to the fuel pump, price is overwhelmingly the number one thing they notice.’
    • ‘Four protestors chained themselves to fuel pumps and waved banners.’
    • ‘About half of all service stations nationwide have at least one diesel fuel pump.’
    • ‘It was a close call at a Route 1 gas station when a minivan hit a fuel pump and the supporting beam to the gas station canopy.’
    • ‘Both companies were charged with giving short measure at the garage's fuel pumps.’
    • ‘With a vehicle of such size and performance, expect to pay at the fuel pumps.’