Meaning of fuelwood in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfjuː(ə)lwʊd/


mass noun
  • Wood used as fuel.

    ‘The largest human impacts upon forests normally were results of routine quests for the land underneath forests or for the timber and fuelwood in them.’
    • ‘Legally, subsistence collection of fuelwood and timber is now more expensive, time consuming, and subject to corruption.’
    • ‘The objective of the family plot policy was to encourage farmers to plant trees to meet their needs for fuelwood and timber.’
    • ‘Between 1891 and 1909, a million immigrants to Siberia came via the railroad, settled close to it, and cleared forests, burned fuelwood, and in general inaugurated an age of much more intensive exploitation of Siberian woodlands.’
    • ‘Others argue that the workshop was only carried out to increase municipal authority over contested forest areas, and the resulting municipal policy failed to reflect the needs of families who require fuelwood for subsistence.’
    • ‘But what may adaptive management look like in commercially marginal forests that are used by multiple households for fuelwood and craft inputs, like those of Santa Fe and San Jeronimo?’
    • ‘Nearly every acre of the countryside has been grazed by cattle, tilled for crops, or cut for fuelwood.’
    • ‘At the same time, human pressure on the land through overgrazing, overcultivation, and gathering of fuelwood may reduce the ability of the natural system to withstand drought or recover from it.’
    • ‘Originally, the species was introduced from Australia by the British around the 1850s to save the native forests from being used as fuelwood.’
    • ‘With these forest resources close by, people do not grow any trees expressly for fodder or fuelwood on their own cropland.’
    • ‘The increased availability of fuelwood and tree leaves for fodder are key benefits of forest regeneration.’
    • ‘The survival of poor landless farmers depends on the availability of forest resources for shifting cultivation and supplies of fuelwood.’
    • ‘We tend to think of energy from plants as Ethiopians stripping the forest for fuelwood.’
    • ‘Although there was a scarcity of fuelwood, it hardly served as an initiating factor.’
    • ‘This was the method that forest departments used to adopt earlier to sell fuelwood in their depots.’
    • ‘This effect is mainly visible in the post-harvest season, where fuelwood is a determinant of food intake.’
    • ‘Figure 2 shows the emissions of particulate matter from fuelwood use in Bergen, divided by urban district.’