Meaning of fugacious in English:


Pronunciation /fjuːˈɡeɪʃəs/


  • Tending to disappear; fleeting.

    ‘she was acutely conscious of her fugacious youth’
    • ‘They are very fugacious, and now and then apparently absent.’
    • ‘Its flowers, however, are very fugacious, so much so that it is difficult to obtain good specimens, the mere gathering causing them to fall; hermaphrodite flowers, though carefully sought, were not seen.’
    brief, transient, short-lived, short, momentary, sudden, cursory, transitory, ephemeral, fugitive, evanescent, fading, vanishing, flying, fly-by-night, passing, flitting, here today and gone tomorrow, temporary, impermanent, short-term, rapid, quick, swift, rushed


Mid 17th century from Latin fugax, fugac- (from fugere ‘flee’) + -ious.