Meaning of fugacity in English:


Pronunciation /fjʊˈɡasɪti/


mass noun
  • 1 literary The quality of being fleeting or evanescent.

  • 2Chemistry
    A thermodynamic property of a real gas which if substituted for the pressure or partial pressure in the equations for an ideal gas gives equations applicable to the real gas.

    ‘The fugacity of sulphur dioxide becomes high enough for the gas to start escaping.’
    • ‘Distribution of the asbestos typically shows a strong lithostratigraphic control, with bulk rock composition, oxygen fugacity, temperature, and structure all exerting an influence on fibre growth.’
    • ‘Eruption temperatures and oxygen fugacity were calculated using several methods.’
    • ‘You can always check by calculating the fugacity for yourself, using the equations in Pitzer and Sterner.’
    • ‘This method is also appropriate for introducing the activity of solution components and the fugacity of a real gas in gaseous mixtures.’