Meaning of fulfil in English:


Pronunciation /fʊlˈfɪl/

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verbverb fulfils, verb fulfilling, verb fulfilled

(US fulfill)
[with object]
  • 1Achieve or realize (something desired, promised, or predicted)

    ‘he wouldn't be able to fulfil his ambition to visit Naples’
    • ‘By destroying trees and killing animals man may be able to fulfill his short-term desires, but he was causing a few irreversible problems in the long run.’
    • ‘April suddenly felt her desire to fulfill her oath to Zoe redouble.’
    • ‘For if I desire to know the principles of natural things, as soon as I know them this desire is fulfilled and brought to an end.’
    • ‘Some aid workers question whether the government is able to fulfil its pledge.’
    • ‘She says: ‘I was always interested in arts and crafts but I was never able to fulfil my ambitions in my youth.’’
    • ‘Now, through a combination of hard work and good luck, it appears that the strongman from Herat has been able to fulfil his pledge.’
    • ‘It is remarkable how he was able to fulfil this ambition with such remarkable success in so many areas.’
    • ‘According to this story, he promised her that if her desire is not fulfilled after this practice, she can catch hold of him at the doom's day.’
    • ‘Edward was the only one who held a key, and he had to deliver me to Liam untouched, or he would never fulfil his outrageous desire to take my fief from me.’
    • ‘Emotionally, such an attack would doubtlessly be gratifying - fulfilling a general desire to ‘do something’ and a clamour for action rather than words.’
    • ‘And the younger the child is, the more concerned he is with fulfilling egoistic desires.’
    • ‘It was a book which fulfilled his desire to discover a place seldom visited, and was also to influence this once-aimless student to eventually find a direction, and become a travel writer.’
    • ‘The first Bulgarian author to visit the United States, he also fulfilled his desire of seeing Niagara Falls.’
    • ‘She accused the National Democratic Alliance Government of failing to fulfil its promises.’
    • ‘In other words, all of our members must fulfill our membership requirements before they can apply for membership.’
    • ‘A new sense of dignity is perceived when you fulfil the promise you make to yourself.’
    • ‘Christians believe that Isaiah's description of this servant was a prophecy that was fulfilled during the life of Jesus Christ.’
    • ‘In those cases be sure to arrive prepared with details about the opportunity that you are requesting fulfill a requirement.’
    • ‘This prophecy was fulfilled in literal detail.’
    • ‘The group of Eight industrialized countries have been urged to fulfill their pledges on increasing development aid to Africa.’
    succeed in, attain, realize, consummate, satisfy, manage, bring off, bring about, carry off, carry out, carry through, bring to fruition, deliver
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    1. 1.1fulfil oneselfGain happiness or satisfaction by achieving one's potential.
      ‘arts grants go to young people who say they wish to fulfil themselves’
      • ‘Stevens wrote that the poet ‘fulfills himself only as he sees his imagination become the light in the minds of others.’’
      • ‘Anyone who tells students that there is only one way is putting them ‘into emotional corsets' and preventing them from fulfilling themselves.’
      • ‘When he left the game at 26, he left behind the idea that he had not fulfilled himself, that he had somehow not been true to his talent.’
      • ‘So you long to fulfill yourself through sexual attraction to others and, in doing so, add complex dimension to your marriage in a way that humanity-squelching, emotionally parsimonious Americans dare not?’
      • ‘Green maintains that you must use music to do the right thing, ‘to educate, to change, to, like, bring awareness and also to fulfill yourself.’’
      • ‘Looking to be good people and hoping in some vague way to fulfill themselves, its upper-middle-class couple adopts, not a child, but an elderly man and wife formerly ensconced in a nursing facility.’
      • ‘One does not labor in order to fulfill oneself: it is an act that produces unhappiness, lacks mental energy, and ‘mortifies his flesh and ruins his mind.’’
      • ‘I knew I needed to take a break, to empty myself, to fulfill myself with new things, modern things, some things to talk about, things to sing about.’
      • ‘The possession of the degree becomes what matters, not the quality of the experience the degree has given you or how far it has helped you to fulfil yourself.’
      • ‘It's at the heart of everything despite the deprivation; the true meaning of which is that most people never get the opportunity to fulfil themselves.’
      • ‘People in audiences today have been so indoctrinated with the idea that they must fulfil themselves and act on their desires, that they now behave as if their wants are all that matter.’
      • ‘Many feel they have no prospect of a decent job or education and are only able to fulfil themselves by bringing up children.’
      • ‘The rest make the most of the available entertainment avenues here itself to fulfil themselves.’
      • ‘‘I just want to fulfil myself in tennis,’ said Jennifer.’
      • ‘Buffy, for instance, is pre-modern because she doesn't have a choice about how to fulfil herself.’
      • ‘The commitment is also about doing what fulfills oneself, the reason many Reservists sign on for one more term.’
      • ‘‘Menopause is a pause from men,’ she quips, quick to add that really it's a time to pause from everyone, male and female, to work on fulfilling yourself.’
      • ‘But there was also the sense that we were proud of what we did, and that somehow we were fulfilling ourselves by contributing to the cultural, informational and artistic life of the nation.’
      • ‘But this tall, straight-backed man was also known as the ‘Towering Inferno ‘and withering self-criticism prevented him from fulfilling himself.’’
      • ‘He never fulfilled himself and I could see how much it hurt and disappointed my Dad.’
    2. 1.2 archaic Complete (a period of time or piece of work)
      ‘friends whose ill-timed speed fulfilled my soon-repented deed’
      • ‘Nelson has served as poet laureate for four years, with one-year remaining to fulfill her term.’
      • ‘This difference in initial age strata was necessary because most 19 year old males in Sweden fulfill a year of compulsory military service.’
      • ‘Then when they are about to fulfill their term appointed, either take them back in good manner or part with them in good manner.’
      • ‘The younger Bush fulfilled two years of active duty and completed pilot training in June 1970.’
      • ‘‘Despite our differences, we managed to find the right formula to work together and we will succeed to fulfil our term,’ he said.’
  • 2Carry out (a duty or role) as required, promised, or expected.

    ‘some officials were dismissed because they could not fulfil their duties’
    • ‘The Greek cities considered their king as their benefactor, while he himself felt a duty to fulfil this role.’
    • ‘When will the minister fulfil his duty and carry out the health studies required by law?’
    • ‘Every member of the household was expected to carry out and fulfil their role, so I very much doubt for the poorer classes of society then, that they had the time to get bored, let alone to think.’
    • ‘No one had discharged the duties of companionship or fulfilled the obligations of succession as they did.’
    • ‘He told Waterfield: ‘You are funded by public money and you have a duty to fulfil that public obligation.’’
    • ‘They seek to do what is expected and enjoy fulfilling their duty.’
    • ‘She is expected to fulfill her duties here as any other servant.’
    • ‘Even though success was welcomed, it was also a time of difficulty for Tolkien who described the enormous pressure from people who expected him to fulfill a role that he was not available to fill.’
    • ‘Your family might expect you to fulfill the same roles you did before your cancer diagnosis, whether it was taking care of the house or other tasks.’
    • ‘Not everyone who calls themselves clergy can actually fulfill the roles expected by the Pagan community and the public at large.’
    • ‘Women are expected to fulfill the traditional role of homemaker.’
    • ‘Instead, society was commonly regarded as a series of hierarchically ordered groups, all of whom were expected to fulfil particular roles in order to maintain social harmony.’
    • ‘That is a critical investment in ensuring that ordinary New Zealanders can play their role and fulfil their civic duties in the justice system of this country.’
    • ‘A Tamil might well be married at 14 and expect to fulfil other manly duties, but it is against the law in Britain to take a wife at that age.’
    • ‘Bishops in England were likewise expected to fulfil a pastoral role.’
    • ‘A Home Office spokesman said the Security Industry Authority would require ‘anyone fulfilling the role’ of door staff to be licensed.’
    • ‘Women and men equally are required to fulfill all religious duties, and are equally eligible for punishment for misdemeanors.’
    • ‘The housewife in this context, with all her caring and household management skills, is dispensable provided you have enough money to purchase the aggregate labour required to fulfil her role.’
    • ‘The best blessing is the peace of mind, which a person derives by the accomplishment of his duty to Allah by fulfilling an obligation.’
    • ‘Once you've got the answers you've been seeking, you should sit down and estimate the time required to fulfill your duties properly.’
    carry out, accomplish, achieve, execute, perform, discharge, implement, effect, effectuate, conduct
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    1. 2.1Satisfy or meet (a requirement, condition, or need)
      ‘goods must fulfil three basic conditions’
      • ‘We have tested our products in heavy field conditions in order to fulfil the high requirements of the Finnish Defense Forces.’
      • ‘This headquarters is rapidly deployable with the capability to meet any mission and fulfill the requirements of the joint force commander.’
      • ‘Under church law, he tells me, human sexual practice must fulfill two conditions.’
      • ‘Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds find surprising satisfaction in fulfilling their everyday needs.’
      • ‘It must successfully fulfill the customer's needs for the good or service.’
      • ‘From the standpoint of the ruling elite, the new government must fulfill two conditions.’
      • ‘However, they do argue that to be acceptable, such non-provision must fulfil two conditions that rule out involuntary euthanasia in practice.’
      • ‘Sullivan adds that the project must be designed to fulfil a need.’
      • ‘To qualify as a commercial or industrial property, the building must fulfil these conditions.’
      • ‘In order for you and your sister to claim the relief, both of you must fulfil certain conditions.’
      • ‘Since World War II, Canadians have had the right to income assistance in order to fulfill basic needs without any time limits on their eligibility.’
      • ‘What it decided was that the director must himself fulfil the necessary conditions for liability.’
      • ‘Individuals wishing to vote on the changes to the articles of incorporation must fulfill the membership requirements by August 14th to be eligible to vote.’
      • ‘After passing the tests of childhood and circumcision, boys must fulfill a civic requirement similar to military service.’
      • ‘The prospective bride must fulfill certain requirements, other than being beautiful, charming, talented and educated.’
      • ‘In the case of pair skaters and ice dance couples, one of the two individuals must fulfill the same requirement as for a singles skater.’
      • ‘To be eligible for a grant under this scheme, you must also fulfil the following conditions relating to residence, age, academic attainments, means and nationality.’
      • ‘After all these conditions are fulfilled, all back taxes on the land must be paid.’
      • ‘The basic argument goes like this: if we fulfill these conditions, then we will have accomplished our mission.’
      • ‘To then refuse to meet to consider altering the deal to fulfil his requirements was illogical and unbusinesslike.’
      comply with, satisfy, conform to, fill, answer, meet, obey, adhere to, respond to
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    2. 2.2(of a retailer) pack and dispatch (a customer's order)
      ‘customers expect online orders to be fulfilled reliably, quickly, and cheaply’
      • ‘We haven't yet had to tell a customer we cannot fulfill an order, but we have worried that could happen.’
      • ‘The copies Telos has now are going to be used to fulfil subscriptions and advance orders.’
      • ‘Major suppliers are now warning that any orders will not be fulfilled until after December 25.’
      • ‘They need 20,000 extra workers to fulfill orders from Apple for the new iPhone 5.’
      • ‘John Lewis is to open a second distribution centre at Magna Park in Milton Keynes, to fulfil orders both from its online business and to its 39 shops around the UK.’
      • ‘The website would fulfill the order for us and handle customer service.’
      • ‘While Amazon fulfills all toy orders placed through its Internet site, Toys R Us is responsible for the inventory.’
      • ‘He cautioned exporters of the necessity to fulfil export orders.’
      • ‘The order will be fulfilled through Bayer with the retailer's assigned distributor.’
      • ‘Management re-opened the old facility to fulfil orders.’
      • ‘If a seller is unable to process or fulfill your order, it will be cancelled and you will receive a full refund.’
      • ‘At this time we have received and fulfilled multiple purchase orders for national and international distribution.’
      • ‘The workshop may need to add an extra person to help manage or fulfill orders.’
      • ‘The retailer will continue to open new warehouses to fulfill orders.’
      • ‘They are currently trying to get stock from other nearby retailers to fulfill our orders.’
      • ‘It is worth noting that the company already uses some brick-and-mortar stores to fulfill some online orders.’
      • ‘With over 8,000 lines in stock, we are able to fulfil most orders within 48 hours.’
      • ‘In today's competitive e-commerce society, if your online store cannot fulfill orders within 24 hours you risk losing business.’
      • ‘If the person who usually takes and fulfills book orders doesn't appear one morning, another employee can tackle that task.’
      • ‘The retailers will be enabled to use store inventory to fulfill on-line orders.’


Late Old English fullfyllan ‘fill up, make full’ (see full, fill).