Meaning of fuliginous in English:


Pronunciation /fjuːˈlɪdʒɪnəs/


  • Sooty; dusky.

    ‘They were as different as night and day, but both bore the obvious mark of their heritage, the girl in her doll-like features, the boy in his fuliginous hair and slanted eyes the color of sapphires.’
    • ‘Neil Warmington's set, with its upstage floral aquarium and gleaming patch of AstroTurf, also evokes a world that is garishly strange without lapsing into the clichés of fuliginous futurism.’
    • ‘I turned my head and could just see the flames licking the sky, and clouds of fuliginous, black smoke dissipating into the warm summer air.’
    • ‘It was colored white, a stark contrast to the fuliginous coloring of its companion unit.’
    • ‘The colour of these larger hyphae, like those in the cortex, deepens with age to a fuliginous shade or to black, eventually causing the wood to appear cinereous to the naked eye.’


Late 16th century (originally describing a vapour as ‘thick and noxious’): from late Latin fuliginosus, from fuligo, fuligin- ‘soot’.