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  • 1Of unmixed ancestry.

    ‘a full-blooded Cherokee’
    • ‘Statistics seem to bear this out, for Australia's native population has shrunk to about 50,000 full-blooded Aborigines.’
    • ‘They willingly accept other Sami who may not be full-blooded.’
    • ‘These Maltese couples then raised a generation of full-blooded Maltese children who had never lived in the mother country.’
    • ‘Greene, a full-blooded Oneida, was born on the Iroquois Six Nations Reserve in southwestern Ontario.’
    • ‘Some full-blooded Creeks still farm land in the area of Oklahoma that was settled by the Upper Creeks.’
    • ‘He became the first full-blooded Aboriginal to play in the SANFL when he made his debut against Glenelg.’
    • ‘By then, the full-blooded Aboriginal population numbered one.’
    • ‘We had been charged a fairly exorbitant price for a full-blooded Pug.’
    • ‘One of the Bedouins explains: Swalem is a full-blooded Sinai camel, with smaller feet to cope with an uneven rocky terrain and a shaggy coat to cope with the cold found at altitude.’
    • ‘My father was a full-blooded Highlander, with the temper to prove it.’
    pure-bred, pedigree, pure, pure-blooded, full-blooded, pedigreed
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  • 2Vigorous, enthusiastic, and without compromise.

    ‘a full-blooded performance’
    • ‘He could turn a political argument into a full-blooded, passionate struggle.’
    • ‘The other astonishing feature of this display was despite Ireland's full-blooded commitment, they only conceded nine penalties throughout the match.’
    • ‘Morecambe, Lancaster and the North West will benefit in the long term from a full-blooded commitment to a rich array of leisure and tourist features on the central promenade.’
    • ‘That commitment to full-blooded performances is what keeps the play consistently new, says Kate.’
    • ‘Second, you must drive like a full-blooded enthusiast most of the time.’
    • ‘Voters in Scotland, indeed in Britain, have rarely been offered a full-blooded socialist alternative at the ballot box.’
    • ‘Their songs are full-blooded, intelligent, anchored by strong melodies and hooks, and all driven home by a huge sound (two guitars, three voices, tape loops, violin, that bass).’
    • ‘Thereafter, the death of the regent, Mary of Guise, unleashed new French intervention in Scotland; there was sporadic fighting, which was overtaken by full-blooded Protestant revolution.’
    • ‘A lot of the United players will be very pleased to see City back in the Premiership - you cannot beat a full-blooded derby clash.’
    • ‘United-Arsenal clashes in recent years have all been full-blooded affairs in which penalties have repeatedly played a crucial role.’
    • ‘Haaland was by now playing for Manchester City, and towards the end of a full-blooded game with United Keane launched a vicious, thigh-high assault that left Haaland writhing on the ground and Keane receiving another red card.’
    • ‘Hopefully, on Saturday, we will see a full-blooded contest played in the right spirit.’
    • ‘Polish nationalism burst into another full-blooded insurrection in 1863, but Russia was able to bring it under control because the Crimean coalition against her could no longer be put together.’
    • ‘The IOC's executive board is meant to endorse candidate cities in May next year, opening the way for a full-blooded assessment, including visits by an evaluation commission.’
    • ‘The Surrey batsmen also preferred the off-side, with little dabs down to third man and beautifully-timed touches past the bowler, contrasting his partner's full-blooded drive.’
    • ‘The second-half began at a tremendous pace, the visitors obviously under instructions to take no prisoners and the full-blooded encounter continued although it was not confined to the forwards.’
    • ‘With only two minutes to go of a full-blooded encounter an horrific error by Danish goalkeeper Thomas Sorensen provided the opportunity for Mattias Jonsson to make Italy's nightmare a reality.’
    • ‘A superb display of teamwork enabled Thackley to ease past a determined Whitley Bay to reach the last 64 of the FA Vase after a full-blooded second-round tie at Dennyfield.’
    • ‘Their full-blooded assault piling men in at the breakdown secured a ready supply of possession, forced Henley on the back foot and reduced them to standing off in defence rather than challenging for the ball.’
    • ‘None of that opposition is going anywhere, and because millions of people turned out and actually voted to endorse what's going on, at least we might start being full-blooded in our response.’
    • ‘The advent of the Second Empire in 1848 saw a full-blooded return, the seeds of which had been sown in the two previous decades, to the styles of earlier centuries.’
    • ‘By 1900, larger country houses had reverted to full-blooded classicism, presaging an imperial pomp which few Edwardian architects could resist.’
    • ‘Once he started on that road, the logical result must have been a full-blooded effort to impose a police state and crush all opposition.’
    • ‘Being embroiled in a full-blooded war was not what he'd imagined his tour of the bordering principalities would entail.’
    • ‘The laughter was long and loud, the jokes full-blooded, and the criticism personalised and offensive.’
    all out, complete, total, uncompromising, committed, out and out, thorough, thoroughgoing, vigorous, strenuous, intense
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