Meaning of full-breasted in English:



  • (of a woman) having large breasts.

    ‘teens who admire full-breasted magazine models’
    • ‘High on his left shoulder there rode a large tattoo of a full-breasted, two-tailed Greek mermaid.’
    • ‘Against a brown backdrop, a fair-skinned, full-breasted women in black hugs her child.’
    • ‘Britannia gazes at the viewer from the centre of the group: an armed, helmeted, full-breasted warrior-matriarch.’
    • ‘His collection includes thousands of items, but some of the most extraordinary will not go on display now, including a statue of a full-breasted Aphrodite in a diaphanous gown, images of other ancient deities and oil lamps featuring menorahs.’
    • ‘I've been told that I was a receptive baby, used to being gathered abruptly into the arms of this delighted, full-breasted woman.’
    • ‘Do buy an under wire style if you are full breasted and need firmer support.’
    • ‘The woman most prized by Tenniel was Britannia, whom he depicted as a full-breasted Pallas Athene dressed either in armour or a soft Grecian robe and wielding a two-handed sword.’
    large-breasted, big-breasted, full-breasted, heavy-breasted, bosomy, large-bosomed, big-bosomed, full-bosomed