Meaning of full-court press in English:

full-court press



  • An aggressive tactic in which members of a team cover their opponents throughout the court and not just in the region near their own basket.

    ‘Florida needs to be consistently effective with its defense, whether the Gators are squeezing opponents with their full-court press or locking them up in the halfcourt.’
    • ‘By putting on the full-court press, the Cardinals hope to beat out the other teams, and they just might do that.’
    • ‘Next Year's NBA will hum with full-court presses, dead-eye jump-shooting, and endless fast-breaking.’
    • ‘Their well-known full-court press forced the Lions out of their half-court set and limited Lion veteran point man Chou Jung-san to just one lone assist for the game.’
    • ‘He has to implement a halfcourt trap or a full-court press to force an up-tempo game, which could result in a quicker pace and more active players. - Curtis Bunn’
    • ‘Coach Rick Pitino has abandoned his trademark full-court press, challenging his players to do it mane-a-mano.’
    • ‘In Game 3, the Nets did use a double-team against Shaq and employed an effective full-court press.’
    • ‘The one big change under Walker, other than his use of an occasional full-court press, is the trimming of his rotation.’
    • ‘The Bruins' win streak began with the full-court press coach Steve Lavin installed.’
    • ‘The Illini scrambled into a full-court press, and in an instant, Jack Ingram was batting an inbounds pass loose from Arizona's Channing Frye.’
    • ‘At times, the Cowboys are akin to a full-court press with the pressure they bring on offenses.’
    • ‘Asking your starters to full-court press in a season that long is not advisable for a coach trying to keep his team healthy and happy. - Stan McNeal’
    • ‘It might help matters and create much-needed energy if Wilkens instituted defensive pressure in the way of a full-court press or half-court trap at the start of games to get the team active early.’
    • ‘Seattle has implemented some new defensive formats and has tried to perfect its full-court press.’
    • ‘The team will be using full-court presses on defense to force turnovers and will play up-tempo on offense.’
    • ‘Observe and learn the principles to attack full-court presses, half-court traps, and half-court pressure.’
    • ‘Not that anyone really expects the double-teams and full-court presses to get to Whalen.’
    • ‘The trademark of Stallion basketball when he was there was 40 minutes of full-court presses and trapping defenses.’
    • ‘These Hoyas occasionally use full-court presses, and they will sometimes trap out of their half-court man-to-man.’
    • ‘Most college basketball coaches, Greenberg included, focus on full-court presses and defending the flex cut, and not the odds of drawing a backdoor flush.’
    • ‘As the Raiders primary ball handler Korsberg uses her quickness to overcome opponents full-court presses.’
    • ‘Note that full-court presses are only made following baskets; a turnover or defensive rebound rarely gives the defense enough time to get a press set up.’
    • ‘Did he miss all the slam dunks, three pointers, full-court presses and blocked shots?’
    • ‘Their full-court presses produced the desired result - multiple turnovers which resulted in multiple Naches Valley layups.’
    • ‘In March Madness, you'll face a number of different looks over the course of the game, including a variety of soft zones, trapping zones, full-court presses, and standard man-to-man defenses.’
    • ‘Coach Odom demonstrates how to break post-doubles, half-court traps, run-and-jump pressure, and full-court presses.’
    • ‘Also, Coach K has to think about using this athletic advantage on defense as well, by throwing some full-court presses & traps into the playbook.’