Meaning of full-cream in English:




  • (of milk) unskimmed.

    ‘All families with children under two years old (for whom full-cream milk is recommended) could also be provided with full-cream milk vouchers worth £1 a week.’
    • ‘The health revolution continued: full-cream milk gave way to semi - skimmed, to the extent that in Adelaide you'd be hard-pressed to find anything else.’
    • ‘Fruit, cakes, biscuits, sandwiches filled with exotic spreads reminiscent of their supposed origins and breakfast cereals smothered in rich full-cream milk.’
    • ‘Properly made with full-cream milk, a few lumps of butter floating on the top, a powdering of nutmeg and slowly cooked it is delicious - and even better served cold the next day.’
    • ‘Daily portions of full-cream milk, butter and brown bread were found to be associated with lower rates of asthma and wheezing.’
    • ‘Why, the fat content of full-cream milk is only 5 per cent at the very most.’
    • ‘It might be different in other countries but here I found that skimmed milk has three times the salt in it than does full-cream milk.’
    • ‘A recent study by a group of scientists at Monash University found that people who consumed full-cream milk were 34% less likely to suffer from asthma than those who drink the light or low fat alternatives.’
    • ‘Since Namibia Dairies have launched their Nammilk Premium product, a full-cream milk with extended shelf life, in October last year, it has become a very popular item with Namibian consumers.’
    • ‘When I was trying to gain size, I'd drink a liter of full-cream milk and eat a whole chicken and half a loaf of bread for a meal.’
    • ‘One example is one liter of full-cream milk, one egg-yolk, one level soup spoon of glucose.’
    • ‘One company seals the glass vials with nitrogen and another packs them in full-cream powdered milk to deactivate the fumes if the glass breaks during delivery.’
    • ‘To use an unusual analogy, it feels like we're emerging from an era of skinny milk into one of full-cream.’
    • ‘I examined all the milks carefully, wondering whether to buy full-cream, low fat or non-fat.’