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  • 1(of nudity or a nude figure) with full exposure of the front of the body.

    ‘scenes of full-frontal nudity’
    • ‘Bradford Council came under fire in 1997 after banning musclemen dance troupe The Chippendales from its venues for being too raunchy - despite the show having no full-frontal nudity.’
    • ‘Despite the full-frontal nudity and frank eroticism in the film's early scenes, the answer was no.’
    • ‘‘They watch ‘Oz’ for the full-frontal nudity.’’
    • ‘That's right, in a medium where male full-frontal nudity is hardly a showstopper any more.’
    • ‘Confronted (quite literally in a number of cases) by full-frontal nudity, Ms Bakewell came across like a slightly shocked, bemused English teacher.’
    • ‘That, and not, say, full-frontal nudity, was the whole purpose of the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of the press.’
    • ‘Today, as a sign of how society has advanced, the fuss now centres more on eight seconds of full-frontal nudity, which still sells tickets big-time.’
    • ‘Five performances from the 10 dancers will include stripping to underwear but not full-frontal nudity.’
    • ‘There is no full-frontal nudity in the film, nor is there anything surprising or controversial about the subject matter.’
    • ‘And talk about nudity, this film features the most male, full-frontal nudity of any mainstream Hollywood film that I've ever seen, something that you wouldn't expect from a film aimed squarely at high school boys.’
    • ‘They have given the film an NC - 17 rating for its sexual content, flashes of full-frontal nudity, language, drug abuse, alcoholism, and violence.’
    • ‘Also parents should note there is a scene, not aired in syndication, in the pilot episode containing full-frontal nudity.’
    • ‘I mentioned long ago that I had some minor involvement with an ill-fated West End musical that included one of the first examples of full-frontal female nudity on the London stage.’
    • ‘The hype about the unprecedented amount of full-frontal male nudity in this play was misplaced - it was a notable effort for far better reasons than that.’
    • ‘Of course, it's not like the FCC is about to embrace full-frontal male nudity on the early evening news, but at least they've thrown off the blanket injunction.’
    • ‘The UK is more relaxed about televising full-frontal female nudity.’
    • ‘I went with an open mind, having read the blurb about it being a non-sexual show with full-frontal male nudity.’
    • ‘While a few scenes are still blurred out (I'd assume because otherwise the disc would have to be labeled as pornography), you definitely get your money's worth of nudity, full-frontal and all.’
    • ‘It is a thoroughly modern play - indeed, it may be a first for full-frontal male nudity on the Abbey stage - but its themes are chillingly universal, and strike quite close to home.’
    • ‘Some even think less collectible nudes, such as full-frontal work and male nudes, which are currently not nearly as accepted as female nudes, will also see an increase in sales.’
    sexually explicit, obscene, pornographic, hardcore, soft-core, lewd, smutty, dirty, filthy, vulgar, crude, rude, racy, risqué, ribald, naughty, arousing, earthy, Rabelaisian, erotic, carnal, sensual, sexy, suggestive, titillating, spicy, raw, taboo, off colour, indecent, improper
    1. 1.1With nothing concealed or held back.
      ‘they put a full-frontal guitar assault to clever lyrics’
      • ‘The new movie is just the tip of the iceberg for what is about to become a full-frontal assault of American army flicks.’
      • ‘By the time I got to it, the endless repetition of That Date, on newspaper pages, TV screens, whenever I turned on the radio, constituted a full-frontal assault upon all my senses.’
      • ‘But I think Roger might strengthen his full-frontal assault on the media if he planned his attacks a little more carefully.’
      • ‘This is more obvious when you look at the full-frontal assault on the firefighters when the ‘overwhelming majority of the public’ backed the strike.’
      • ‘Breathing in a lungful of Tehran air is a full-frontal assault on the respiratory system.’
      • ‘Let's face it, those who think real opera ended with Puccini will recoil at this work's full-frontal assault on traditional values by what is called new opera.’
      • ‘This is one of the few wines that can cope with a full-frontal chocolate assault, and very tasty it is too, with flavours of figs, dates and raisins bound up in a sweet, richly alcoholic coating.’
      • ‘It was a full-frontal assault more akin to the unscrupulous skulduggery of a US presidential campaign.’
      • ‘We cannot imagine a more full-frontal assault on common decency and family values.’
      • ‘It's hard to know when the car is mounting a full-frontal assault on every one of your senses.’
      • ‘My main goal for the full-frontal personal marketing assault was primarily to allow myself to sleep at night.’
      uncensored, unrestrained, unreserved, unrestricted, uninhibited, graphic