Meaning of full-length in English:


Pronunciation /ˌfʊlˈlɛŋθ/

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  • 1Of the standard length.

    ‘a full-length Disney cartoon’
    • ‘You'll forget the rambling opening, in which storm clouds sleepily gather for the length of a normal full-length feature.’
    • ‘But, even full-length sizing of standard rifle cases doesn't take a lot of effort.’
    • ‘It's a short four minutes and made me wish for a full-length, standard sort of commentary.’
    • ‘Two of the contributors have written full-length books already reviewed in Taipei Times.’
    • ‘The article expands into a full-length book, and in exclusive interviews with Smith, Capote wins his trust.’
    • ‘After her medical studies, she wrote a number of short stories, three picture books and three full-length books for children.’
    • ‘While a blogger can write at any length, few seem inclined to post the kind of full-length essay that is the stock in trade of an intellectual magazine like Commentary.’
    • ‘Uzzell's early ideas were refined some thirty years later when he considered full-length fiction, in his book The Technique of the Novel.’
    • ‘It consisted of a nice thick book with articles about all the bands on the full-length CD attached.’
    • ‘Along with the standard soundtracks, we also get a full-length commentary by author Allan Slutsky and director Paul Justman.’
    • ‘In addition to the standard commentary, it contains a full-length documentary on the making of the movie, plus a trailer for the film.’
    • ‘The magazine tube is full-length to fit either barrel length chosen.’
    • ‘How much does a spring cost and how much longer will one last with a full-length rod compared to a standard rod?’
    • ‘Ironies aside, basing a full-length Hollywood feature on a well loved, long-running comic book is always a mixed blessing.’
    • ‘Adolf Eichmann is not an obvious candidate for a full-length biography, and before his capture in 1960 and trial the following year no one would have thought of writing one.’
    • ‘Still, I was engaged from start to finish; steered right, I think Workspace could eventually be a marvelous full-length play.’
    • ‘One of the many full-length movies posted to Google Video - with varying degrees of quality - is Akira.’
    • ‘The carrier will also make the last four episodes of the full-length shows available on-demand.’
    • ‘Gilchrist and Wagner are coordinating both full-length post-sequencing analysis, and clone selection.’
    • ‘The study of full-length cDNA remains an indispensable approach for determining the structure of genes.’
    1. 1.1(of a garment or curtain) extending to, or almost to, the ground.
      ‘a full-length satin gown’
      • ‘Woollen kilts, Hessian full-length skirts, single shoulder organza tops and transparent trousers appear in earthy tones of brown and green.’
      • ‘Despite the sweltering heat, he was wearing trousers and a full-length shirt.’
      • ‘Berber men in Kabylia wore a burnous, a full-length cloak worn with a hood, woven out of very fine white or brown wool.’
      • ‘Keep in mind that a full-length jacket should fall around the lower level of your shins, which is perfect for those colder winter days.’
      • ‘He was wearing a black or dark coloured full-length coat, jeans and a sweatshirt at the time of the attack.’
      • ‘I glanced down at myself, my tan sweater and black full-length skirt.’
      • ‘Ladies of the dominion dressed in full-length gowns that touched the floor.’
      • ‘The addition of full-length curtains, soft furnishings and cushions will go some way to reducing noise levels.’
      • ‘So the stainless steel sculpture ended up in a more traditional full-length gown.’
      • ‘He is dressed in a Crombie full-length coat and is brandishing a sharpened steel comb.’
      • ‘Although his full-length robe includes a priestly high collar, he is without the flowing cloak which was a feature of Jesuit priestly dress.’
      • ‘Colorful, full-length skirts are worn with delicately embroidered white blouses, sometimes worn off the shoulder.’
      • ‘She always wore flowery, full-length skirts with a cotton blouse.’
      • ‘If you decide to stay, dress appropriately in non-synthetic full-length clothing, and sturdy leather boots.’
      • ‘The bride wore a full-length gown of white brocade with shoulder length veil and tiara.’
      • ‘Twomey, who had bought the full-length coat in Brown Thomas, said it was worth between €450 and €550.’
      • ‘It also means passengers can travel light on long-haul flights and don't cram cabins with suits or full-length dresses.’
      • ‘So the owner of the shop goes in back and comes out with an absolutely gorgeous full-length coat.’
      • ‘Ladies who fear show day will be wet could do worse than try a waterproof three-quarter or full-length jacket with a caped shoulder and fully lined in country check by Target Dry.’
      • ‘She wore a full-length white night gown, a fabric made translucent by the moon and low bedside lamp and creating a perfect silhouette of her form underneath.’
    2. 1.2(of a mirror or portrait) showing the whole human figure.
      ‘she caught sight of herself in a full-length mirror’
      • ‘In a showroom dominated by a full-length mirror and vast photos of his clothes from the pages of Vogue, we drank endless cups of herbal tea, while Gibb and Bates smoked a chain of cigarettes.’
      • ‘She was standing looking at her body in the full-length mirror through the steam of the filling bath when she heard the steady snipping of garden shears.’
      • ‘I don't seem to have any kind of realistic body image and almost never enjoy what I see in a full-length mirror.’
      • ‘Yet now and then you feel the tug, standing in front of a full-length mirror, fantasizing about cannonball shoulders and chiseled biceps.’
      • ‘Besides a king-size bed with white sheets, a wooden table and a full-length mirror by the side of the bed, there was simply nothing else in the room.’
      • ‘Point being, we sadly did not have time during this brief pre-London Bridge exchange to ask why she was carrying with her a slim, wood-backed full-length mirror.’
      • ‘She put it all on and looked into a full-length mirror.’
      • ‘She looked into her full-length mirror and studied herself.’
      • ‘I didn't even have a full-length mirror in my flat at that stage.’
      • ‘However, the female bathrooms are more carefully designed with full-length mirrors, seats and rolled hand towels.’
      • ‘She picked up the full-length mirror next to her and threw it at me.’
      • ‘Let's face it; the quick look you take in the full-length mirror outside the changing room is not always the best judge.’
      • ‘Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and mad George III were also on hand, although only in full-length portrait form.’
      • ‘Ter Borch's later full-length portraits depict sitters with reserved yet confident postures.’
      • ‘Sarah stood in front of the full-length mirror and gazed at herself.’
      • ‘In fact, it was replaced by white walls, a wooden table and a full-length mirror.’
      • ‘The Government really should issue a full-length mirror to every home in the nation, and enshrine its use in legislation.’
      • ‘I had a long, hard look at myself in the full-length mirror this morning.’
      • ‘While the book uses mostly evocative narrative images as its illustrations, it also includes a handful of full-length portraits.’
      • ‘In addition to these were full-length portraits of the Duke and Duchess of Cumberland, showing that Gainsborough was attracting patronage from the royal family.’
      entire, complete, full, total


usually full length
  • (of a person) with the body lying stretched out and flat.

    ‘Lucy flung herself full length on the floor’
    • ‘We have the futon unfolded, and we're lying full length, with our heads propped up on cushions.’
    • ‘Eanuth saw this coming and rose towards the sky stretching his wings to full length.’
    • ‘Dabizas missed the ball which gave Speed, unmarked, an extra second to fling himself full length at the ball.’
    • ‘The lengths ran randomly from the sill to the second floor girt or full length to the roof girt.’
    • ‘At the other end James Regan dived full length to keep out a Neil Chambers effort in the 31st.’
    • ‘As we approached the levelling-out stage she prepared to move forward, tripped and fell full length.’
    • ‘I fell, at great speed, full length on to the pavement and damaged my face badly.’
    • ‘Liam O'Malley came to his sides rescue when he went full length to block a shot on the line from John Dyra.’
    • ‘He struck it well but the agile Tony Lyons dived full length to turn it around the post for a forty five.’
    • ‘Hurst was called into action as early as the third minute, diving full length to deny James Hughes.’
    • ‘All year long you've dreamed of having the time to dive full length into a series of good books.’
    full length, length of time, time, time span, time scale, period, term, span, spell, stretch, fullness, length, extent, continuation, continuance, perpetuation, prolongation