Meaning of full-motion video in English:

full-motion video


mass noun
  • Digital video data that is transmitted or stored on video discs for real-time reproduction on a computer (or other multimedia system) at a rate of not less than 25 frames per second.

    ‘We're talking about small video streams, not full-motion video downloads.’
    • ‘Along with the free-form, ‘anything goes’ content of video blogging, commercial use of full-motion video will fall into 4 basic categories.’
    • ‘To achieve what we normally call full-motion video (i.e. 30 frames per second), we actually have to send 221,184,000 binary digits per second.’
    • ‘Both of those games pioneered the use of full-motion video in computer games.’
    • ‘Paoletti said despite improvements, full-screen, full-motion video on a PC ‘isn't quite a reality.’’
    • ‘How is it that dozens or hundreds of channels of full-motion video arrive at your house, in many cases for free?’
    • ‘A screen with a response time of 50 milliseconds (which is not uncommon) will only be able to display 20 frames a second and is not really suitable for full-motion video, though it may suffice for occasional use.’
    • ‘Since full-motion video, like in movies and video games, run at 24 frames per second, it doesn't take long for digital content to swamp even the most capable 32-bit PCs and servers.’
    • ‘The unfortunate part is that this is the only full-motion video in the entire game: the rest of the videos are no more than a series of artistic still images with voice-over dialogue.’
    • ‘Their specialized equipment, referred to as a Multimedia Analysis and Archive System, enables their exploiting full-motion video focused on named areas of interest (NAIs).’
    • ‘The screen can be repainted 70 times a second - double the speed for full-motion video - or an image can be frozen for months without fading.’
    • ‘The two new divisions will sit alongside the company's traditional line of providing digital media content, such as full-motion video for games and internet applications.’
    • ‘A single-layer, single-sided DVD can hold up to 135 minutes of full-motion video, with a capacity of 4.7GB, the equivalent of seven CDs.’
    • ‘When everybody else was using overheads and PowerPoint slides, I showed up with full-motion video and graphics right down to the molecular level for the reactors.’
    • ‘Broadband is the foundation upon which entire new generations of technology will be built: full-motion video, Web-based medical care, more sophisticated Internet telephoning, and online gaming.’
    • ‘The system can, for example, adjust its resolution automatically, optimizing full-motion video when people are interacting, then shifting to higher levels of resolution when documents are being viewed.’
    • ‘By using electronic technologies - such as old tapes and records, Internet or full-motion video on CD-ROMS - the media end of the NORAD program has been splashy.’
    • ‘It's only with those sorts of speeds and download limits that people begin experiencing the real benefits of broadband in terms of full-motion video and high quality voice-over-IP services.’
    • ‘It is amazing what can be done with Flash, simply because (if done right) it bypasses bandwidth limitations that would be choked by full-motion video.’
    • ‘With full-motion video, we can probably attract makeup artists into Investor Relations, which may improve the supply and quality of people in the field.’