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(also full-size)
  • Of a normal size for its type.

    ‘a full-sized fridge’
    • ‘Our facilities have been improved by the laying of a new full-size competition carpet.’
    • ‘The hangar will be so huge you'll be able to get a full-size football pitch inside.’
    • ‘The band's rhythm section could spark a full-size orchestra.’
    • ‘A mini fridge, he points out, won't dominate a kitchen the way a full-size unit can.’
    • ‘The LifeBook's keyboard is about 10 % smaller than a full-size keyboard, a serious drawback for the ham-handed.’
    • ‘Despite huge advances in simulation techniques, a full-size mock-up is still considered to be an essential part of the design process.’
    • ‘In 1989 BBC Television built a full-size version of the room for a programme devoted to this work on Vermeer.’
    • ‘Instead of acquiring or commissioning full-size marble sculptures, he concentrated on a 'miniature' sculpture gallery of renaissance bronzes in his ground-floor library.’
    • ‘The eyepiece inconspicuously attaches to your glasses - appearing as the equivalent of a full-size monitor to your proximate eye.’
    • ‘And the smaller, lighter phones hitting the market tend to get less battery life than their full-size counterparts.’
    • ‘For a taste of the good life, stroll through the first-class cabin in the full-size mock-up of the A380 on display at Airbus headquarters in Toulouse.’
    • ‘The miniature acquired an aesthetic of its own, an intimacy and delicacy of charm not derived from or possible for the full-size oil portrait.’
    • ‘Just a single, full-size carrot more than fulfills an adult's daily quotient of the essential vitamin.’
    • ‘The southern edge of the Southern Arctic is the tree line, a transition zone north of which no full-sized trees are found.’
    • ‘The device was also demonstrated with a separate full-sized keyboard.’
    • ‘Off the spacious hallway is a very bright room designed to accommodate a full-sized snooker table.’
    • ‘Bernstein was unabashed about using a full-sized orchestra in this repertoire.’
    • ‘This full-sized notebook computer is aimed at home users.’
    • ‘There are equestrian facilities beside the house, including six looseboxes, a turnout paddock and a full-sized all-weather arena with rubber mulch surface.’
    • ‘Glebe House is a substantial and attractive Georgian house built over a full-sized basement with three extensions.’
    full-size, unreduced, actual size