Meaning of full as a tick in English:

full as a tick


informal, dated
  • Having a very full stomach after eating.

    • ‘I've never risen from the table after a feed anything less than full as a tick’
    • ‘By the end of the day, I was full as a tick and red from stem to stern with barbecue sauce, watermelon, and sunburn.’
    • ‘I can't speak for Eli, but I'll be tight as a tick on a bloodhound come Saturday.’
    • ‘Cows that had been standing around in the yard, looking full as a tick, would put their heads down and start grazing as soon as they hit the new grass.’
    • ‘And if I get hungry, I go shoot a hog and I'm full as a tick for a week.’
    • ‘We were all stuffed to the gills - or as they say in the South, as full as a tick.’
    • ‘I'm full as a tick and ready for my hot bubble bath now…’
    • ‘I had dinner earlier in the evening and was still as full as a tick.’
    • ‘It's day four outside of the conference and I'm still feeling full as a tick!’