Meaning of full brother in English:

full brother


  • A brother born of the same mother and father.

    ‘The relative contribution of their performance depends on the relationship e.g. full brothers share half the genes and half brothers one quarter of the genes.’
    • ‘A full brother to stakes winner Tereshkova and a half brother to stakes winners Akabir and Book Collector, Lycius has been well received at the world's bloodstock markets.’
    • ‘He is a full brother to stakes winner Medaille Militaire and a half brother to the stakes-winning hurdler Wahiba Sands.’
    • ‘Me'n'Stell lived with our Mom and older brother, he was Stella's full brother and my half brother.’
    • ‘She has two half brothers and one full brother, a year older, who works in an office.’
    • ‘She had no full brothers, although four sons were born to a concubine of her father, and they would all have been married to women whose surnames are not recorded.’
    • ‘There, despite the furious preparations, she was able to saddle her own mount, a full brother to the now-dead steed of Fergus her brother.’
    • ‘Stephen had two sisters whom he thought the world of, and I know he would have been delighted that Liam is to be raised with a full brother or sister - and that he is to be a father again.’
    • ‘Former suckler farmer of the year Richard Woodmartin, Woodville Farm, Sligo bought ‘Hillcrest Romeo’ a full brother to Rudolf for €3,050.’
    • ‘Gerard Brickley will be defending his title from 2002 with a full brother of ‘Celtic Nobleman’ sired by ‘Carnkern Titan’.’
    • ‘Emperor Jones is a full brother to stakes winners Appointed One and Majlood and a half brother to champion Bakharoff and stakes winners Sum, Demonry, and Thyer.’
    • ‘Since only one female breeds, all the new offspring are pretty much full brothers and sisters - i.e. they share half each others’ genes (on average), which is exactly the same as their own offspring would.’
    • ‘News from around the Thoroughbred world - A pair of full brothers finished a neck apart in first and second in the Michigan Breeders' Governor's Cup Handicap at Great Lakes Downs on Monday.’
    • ‘Two sons, not full brothers, and only one throne.’
    • ‘Plato had two full brothers, Glaucon and Adeimantus, to whom he allots parts in the Republic.’
    • ‘His full brother is in training with Corey Cushing, while he is in training with Steve Schwartzenberger.’
    • ‘Prince Abdallha, without any full brothers, still has a solid power base within the country.’
    • ‘The farm is also home to Barbaro's other full brother, a yearling recently named Nicanor.’
    • ‘A full brother also sold in their 2003 production sale for $11,000 and was one of their high seller.’
    • ‘Factions tend to reflect the matrilineal heritage, with full brothers usually comprising the more powerful factions and incorporating half-brothers into their coalitions.’