Meaning of full measure in English:

full measure


mass noun
  • 1The total amount or extent.

    ‘the full measure of their worth’
    • ‘But all these men upon the wall satisfy in full measure the sterner definition of the Oxford Dictionary: one who ‘exhibits extraordinary bravery, firmness or greatness of soul’.’
    • ‘However finally, his stubbornness wins, and Michelle starts to understand words, at which point the triumph felt by her parents, teacher and herself, are shared in full measure by us, the spectators.’
    • ‘And though they are unlikely to succeed in persuading others to adopt their opinion in full measure, it subtly pushes the debate towards acceptance of more moderate versions of the right to immigration.’
    • ‘Many visitors have even expressed their desire to purchase some of the exhibits such as ‘biscuit house,’ which reflected in full measure the creativity of the pupils.’
    • ‘They savoured the victory in full measure as they united with the players in joyous celebration, and talk turned immediately to the prospect of a Cup Final in Lansdowne Road later in the month.’
    • ‘That in effect meant the end of the road for Bohemians, and Doyle extracted retribution in full measure when he smacked home a delightful second with just a minute of time remaining.’
    • ‘Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we will redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially.’
    • ‘We must live up to this view of the world in full measure.’
    • ‘Imagination, innovation and the will to be a class apart - he has all these in full measure.’
    • ‘From goal out they gave it everything, with everyone contributing in full measure.’
    • ‘The paintings reflect the literary themes and the glory of Krishna in full measure.’
    • ‘This was an occasion in which credit has to be handed to the winners in full measure.’
    • ‘Some horrifying events have left deep scratches on the collective mind but they have survived and grown, by and large, the community has lived in freedom and peace through denied justice and equality in full measure.’
    • ‘The kindness and goodness that Paddy and the brothers showed to their neighbours down through the years was returned in full measure in later years by the neighbours who brought them to church, to town and to the pub.’
    • ‘Yet, in analyzing provisions of the draft Field Manual, one comes to the conclusion that they have failed to take into account in full measure the changes that have occurred in military science and in the practice of military operations.’
    • ‘The military budget must in full measure provide for the material needs of servicemen and make them interested in high-quality military performance, the two most important underpinnings of a professional army.’
    • ‘Developing the command and control system ought to be a priority if the Ground Forces are to perform their missions successfully and implement their combat capabilities in full measure in all forms and methods of employment.’
    • ‘In fact, we have already published a white paper on defense strategy to formalize these objectives and hope that the PRC will reciprocate in full measure.’
    • ‘The pageantry was there in full measure - the royal procession, the military bands, the ancient Crown of Scotland carried in state, the unexpected fly-past of Concorde.’
    • ‘Though he lacked Dr. King's courageous martyr's heart, he possessed in full measure a very similar appreciation of the powers of the word.’
    sufficient, plenty, plenty of, a sufficient amount, a sufficient amount of, an adequate amount, an adequate amount of, as much as necessary
    1. 1.1count noun An amount not less than that professed.
      ‘only one out of 208 pints served came up to a full measure’
      • ‘All packages contain full measures when delivered by the Seller but owing to the volatile nature of petroleum the Seller cannot be held responsible for any shortage after the packages have left the Seller's premises.’
      • ‘We must have drunk about 12 cocktails each, and as each one contained four or five full measures of various spirits, we were rather toasted.’
      • ‘My SP - 101 carry gun has digested a full measure of the kind of handloads no longer published in the loading manuals and it remains as tight as when new.’
      • ‘They tend to confuse the issue by equating full measures to mandatory use of lined glasses but that's just one way of ensuring full measures.’