Meaning of full of years in English:

full of years


  • Having lived to a considerable age.

    ‘he died far from his native Champagne and full of years’
    • ‘A Tory life peer died recently, full of years, and there was a four-column piece about his achievements which, however, noted that.’
    • ‘The greatest, Edward Elgar, had been the first to die, full of years and loaded with honours, at his home in Worcester on February 23.’
    • ‘One was older than the other and she died full of years quietly in her bed surrounded by devoted friends and family.’
    • ‘Goldwater died in 1998, full of years, respected by people in both major parties and by millions of independents.’
    • ‘Son of a king, father of a king, Gaunt was the grand old man of his nation, full of years and wisdom.’
    • ‘A year short of his eightieth birthday, Gideon Ousely died - full of wisdom, full of years, full of grace.’
    • ‘But he has passed from the living of earth, full of years, and full of honors, to the rest of the patriarchs.’
    • ‘He died at Philadelphia, full of years and honours, at the age of eighty-four, on the 17th of April, 1790.’
    • ‘Our revered friend has been gathered unto his fathers, full of years and full of honours.’
    • ‘Polite, meticulous, full of years, full of laughter, full of stories big on mistakes, false friends and hairbreath escapes this is how I remember Charles Bryan ‘Blackie’ Harris.’