Meaning of full page in English:

full page


usually as modifier
  • An entire page of a newspaper or magazine.

    ‘full-page advertisements’
    • ‘Folks who think they know how to promote peace and harmony have been running full-page advertisements in the newspaper.’
    • ‘Both firms have taken out full-page advertisements in leading newspapers to plead their case before customers and shareholders.’
    • ‘It highlights, in full-page newspaper advertisements, its claim of massive underfunding.’
    • ‘Seven has celebrated recent ratings wins with full-page advertisements in Sydney newspapers.’
    • ‘In Japan, the sale also was pitched with full-page newspaper advertisements.’
    • ‘A few years ago the nation's electricity generators ran full-page advertisements in the newspapers.’
    • ‘The Tory leader has taken out a personalised full-page newspaper advertisement to make his point.’
    • ‘To promote its bid, Old Mutual has had to take out full-page newspaper advertisements.’
    • ‘There were full-page articles in major newspapers, the cover of magazines, and on the evening news.’
    • ‘And so this week the trade unions were able to place full-page newspaper advert calling, amongst other things, for a higher minimum wage.’
    • ‘My first campaign piece was a mailing to all households and a full-page ad in the newspapers to inform voters what I believed.’
    • ‘Last weekend Red Cross took out full-page ads in newspapers asking people to call for assistance.’
    • ‘We don't want to do this full-page newspaper ad in colour.’
    • ‘Is it any wonder that Estonian newspapers feature full-page photo spreads of their writers and poets?’
    • ‘In a full-page leader editorial on page 10, the Sun calls for all the world to ‘unite to defeat these evil cowards’.’
    • ‘A full-page advertisement in a local newspaper would cost more than that.’
    • ‘The statement will be published as a full-page advertisement in a local Chinese newspaper today.’
    • ‘Full details are available on the full-page colour advertisement in this newspaper.’
    • ‘The full-page ads in gaming magazines, all the hype in the previews.’
    • ‘She flipped to the next page and saw a full-page poster of Josh Thomas; she was tempted to rip it out when she heard a knock on the door.’