Meaning of full pay in English:

full pay


mass noun
  • The whole amount of a person's salary or wages.

    ‘two members of staff have been suspended on full pay’
    • ‘Garment workers have the right to three months' maternity leave with full pay.’
    • ‘Give fathers some semblance of equality and provide full pay for the two weeks.’
    • ‘Workers were assessed every day and did not get full pay until they passed the entire program.’
    • ‘Soldiers received full pay and allowances for the annual training period and for any state active-duty time.’
    • ‘He said they should put the men back on full pay and acknowledge the distress they were suffering.’
    • ‘They would continue to draw full pay but would be responsible for their own educational expenses.’
    • ‘He'd been collecting full pay and benefits last year while on extended leave.’
    • ‘His full pay for the year was not disclosed as he only become a director in March.’
    • ‘He continued to receive full pay down to the date of the dismissal of his appeal.’
    • ‘She had exhausted her entitlement to full pay on July 6, 2000.’