Meaning of full professor in English:

full professor



North American
  • A professor of the highest grade in a university.

    ‘Lately, the number and kind of academic appointments have been proliferating: tenured full professors, term-appointment assistant professors, part-time faculty, graduate students, lecturers.’
    • ‘And that's just between a full professor and an assistant professor!’
    • ‘Only about 18 percent of full professors at doctoral universities are women, according to the 2003-04 AAUP survey.’
    • ‘Having earlier being promoted to associate professor, in 1953 Matsushima became a full professor at Nagoya University.’
    • ‘He returned to his alma mater, Santa Clara University, where he became a full professor and later Associate Academic Vice President.’
    • ‘Zare finally left JILA - he returned once after a brief spell as a faculty member at MIT - at the age of 29, to become a full professor at Columbia University.’
    • ‘In 1932 she became a full professor at Moscow State University.’
    • ‘Then in 1967 he returned to Yale University as a full professor.’
    • ‘He spent the year 1945-46 as a visiting lecturer at Princeton before being appointed as a full professor at the University of Indiana in 1946.’
    • ‘The survey breaks down salaries within disciplines/major fields by faculty status: full professors, associate professors, assistant professors, new assistant professors and instructors.’
    • ‘He then joined the physics department of Ohio State University and became a full professor in 1962.’
    • ‘Women accounted for just 10.4 percent of full professors, 21.9 percent of associate professors, and 32.9 percent of assistant professors in science and engineering at these institutions.’
    • ‘Salaries for full professors at private universities rose 4 percent to $127,214, while at public research institutions they rose 3.5 percent to $97,948.’
    • ‘To a large extent, qualified people were partners or heading for partnerships in accounting firms, enjoying similar success in industry, or full professors at universities.’
    • ‘Currently, full professors make about 1.3 times what assistant professors make, he said.’
    • ‘Dyck went on to earn a PhD and become a full professor in the University of Saskatchewan's Department of Psychiatry were she studies Alzheimer Disease and other diseases of the brain.’
    • ‘Jacob Palme, a full professor at Stockholm University, has documented how Sweden's implementation of the directive has imperiled free speech.’
    • ‘From that point forward to 1996, I was a full professor at two universities, a public institution in Louisiana and a private college in Florida.’
    • ‘Shortly after the publication of the first volume Brentano took a job as a full professor at the University of Vienna, where he continued a successful teaching career.’
    • ‘The result was tremendously successful, and Orr continues to study the genetics of speciation as a full professor at the University of Rochester.’
    holder of a chair, chair, head of faculty, head of department