Meaning of full toss in English:

full toss



  • A ball pitched right up to the batsman.

    ‘I like to see fielders drop catches under pressure, batsman get out to full tosses in crunch situations, strokes of luck that turn a game one way or the other.’
    • ‘The bowlers were instructed to bowl a series of slow long hops and full tosses, these aided by the fielders' feet across the boundary line.’
    • ‘What part-time bowlers do is that they bowl full tosses and long hops but they slip in one good delivery.’
    • ‘When our batters try to get out, they drop the catches and when our bowlers bowl them full tosses they pat them back as catches to the fielders.’
    • ‘Bouncers and snarls may have been littered with wides and full tosses but the Barbadian fully deserved his successes and the boisterous crowd his dramatic celebration.’
    • ‘Ashley Giles began with a rash of full tosses, but recovered well with a seven-over spell yielding 11.’
    • ‘Next ball, Lee produces a full toss that's virtually a beamer.’
    • ‘I was trying to bowl a low full toss and I was watching the batsman's movement as well.’
    • ‘Sure enough, Gower and Whittaker proceeded to send down a succession of full tosses and long hops.’
    • ‘All full tosses above the waist, and bouncers over the shoulder of the batsman will be called a no ball.’
    • ‘This works on the first 6 batsmen but just bowl full tosses to finish off the tail enders. - Suggested by Dan’
    • ‘You should look to use the 6 hit button for all short, fast deliveries and full tosses unless on the middle stump.’
    • ‘Viv Richards used to say that if you can anticipate a yorker it can be turned into a low full toss and a boundary.’
    • ‘In his first over he bowled only long hops and full tosses and was relieved and perplexed to get away with a maiden.’
    • ‘The next over bowled by Bond was a maiden but he was very lucky as Sangakkara hit a juicy full toss straight to point.’
    • ‘A batsman who is whacking everything he bowled full tosses to that person.’
    • ‘But three balls of the over strayed towards the leg side, one of them a full toss that McGrath dispatched to the boundary.’
    • ‘They just could not read his bouncers that were well directed, the full tosses that came like missiles at them or the toe crushing Yorkers that came howling at them.’
    • ‘After a few short balls and full tosses that was smack for four, the same thing happened, and through pure intimidation the umpire had to give it out.’
    • ‘Ashraful started slowly, but then accelerated, picking fast full tosses off his toes outside the off stump and flicking them to the fine leg boundary.’


  • Without the ball having touched the ground.