Meaning of fulla in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfʊlə/


informal New Zealand
  • Used as a familiar term of address for a boy or man.

    • ‘I'll hopefully catch up with some of you fullas too’
    • ‘I've been doing this since I was a young fulla.’
    • ‘There's this shared pride at how far the little fulla has come.’
    • ‘This bloody fulla was running alongside me.’
    • ‘His father was the "old fulla when Tui was the young fulla" at the trucking depot.’
    • ‘Actually, he's a good fulla.’
    • ‘The teammate of his was just a young fulla.’
    • ‘They say things like 'this brown fulla's excelling in individual sport'.’
    • ‘This fulla has a degree, isn't that amazing!’
    • ‘They'd be knocking down this fulla's door, fistful of pingas in one hand and the red carpet in the other.’
    • ‘Young and old come up to me and say, you're that fulla off the ad.’


1970s a corruption of fellow.