Meaning of fulminant in English:



  • (of a disease or symptom) severe and sudden in onset.

    ‘Guillain-Barre syndrome related to CMV has been documented, as have the much less frequent complications of encephalitis, myocarditis, or fulminant hepatitis.’
    • ‘Three of the 12 patients studied had acute HCV infections, three had fulminant hepatitis (a rare but serious form of acute disease), and six had chronic hepatitis.’
    • ‘Between 0.3 and 1.8 percent of people who contract HAV develop fulminant hepatitis, a severe form of hepatitis with rapid liver cell death and liver failure.’
    • ‘Of these, 250 are hospitalized as a result of acute complications, and approximately 100 die from cirrhosis, liver cancer, or fulminant hepatitis.’
    • ‘The range of clinical presentation can vary from asymptomatic to fulminant disease.’
    • ‘However, HEV infection often leads to fulminant hepatitis especially among pregnant women.’
    • ‘In others, inhalation can lead to an acute fulminant pneumonia resulting in the ARDS or can be a chronic pneumonia.’
    • ‘I have a patient who had major abdominal surgery a few years ago for a fulminant illness.’
    • ‘Whereas meningococcemia was formerly associated with pyogenic meningitis, the disease is now so fulminant that meningitis does not have time to become established.’
    • ‘The clinical presentation ranges from no symptoms to fulminant pseudomembranous colitis.’
    • ‘Renal involvement frequently results in fulminant hypertension, renal failure, and death.’
    • ‘Emphysematous Pyelonephritis is a fulminant infection of the renal parenchyma and perirenal tissues with gas formation in the non functioning kidney.’
    • ‘Rarely, fulminant ischaemic colitis occurs with gangrene or perforation and needs urgent surgical exploration.’
    • ‘A fulminant pneumonitis with septicemia that is known as ‘cepacia syndrome’ is the most serious outcome of cepacia infection, although a variable clinical course in those infected with this organism has been noted.’
    • ‘Cowling takes issue with our advice that healthcare workers who are exposed to airway secretions from patients with fulminant meningococcal disease should be offered chemoprophylaxis.’
    • ‘Clinical presentations of antibiotic associated diarrhoea range from mild diarrhoea to fulminant pseudomembranous colitis.’
    • ‘We are presenting a case of severe ARDS due to a fulminant coccidioidomycosis infection that responded to a short course of systemic steroids in addition to the standard antifungal treatment.’
    • ‘Shigellosis may occur as a selflimiting illness with watery diarrhoea but often episodes of acute fulminant bloody dysentery lead to high case fatality rates among children.’
    • ‘Case reports establish beyond doubt that HHV - 6 can trigger fulminant demyelinating disease and encephalitis in MS patients.’
    • ‘Compared with patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, HSC transplant recipients generally display a more fulminant onset and course.’



/ˈfʊlmɪnənt/ /ˈfʌlmɪnənt/


Early 17th century from French, or from Latin fulminant- ‘striking with lightning’, from the verb fulminare (see fulminate).