Meaning of fumarolic in English:


Pronunciation /fjuːməˈrɒlɪk/


See fumarole

‘During the waning stages of eruption, fumarolic activity oxidized cinders along the rim and deposited aggregates of sublimates, hydrothermal precipitates, and reaction products near the central vent of the volcano.’
  • ‘The first felt seismicity occurred in November 1984, and increased fumarolic activity was noted in February 1985.’
  • ‘From the rim we were able to access the rim of the fumarolic crater and get down to the floor.’
  • ‘The dome was completely free of cloud, and there was very little steaming from any of the fumarolic areas.’
  • ‘They visit the area one or two times per month, to the dome, to collect fumarolic fluids and measure temperature.’
  • ‘It occurs in orange-red fumarolic crusts consisting of aggregates of small, quite elongated tabular crystals.’
  • ‘A thermal plume in the northwest part of the lake indicates underlying subaerial fumarolic or hydrothermal activity.’
  • ‘After that, the volcano continued to have very strong fumarolic activity and small to moderate size vapor eruptions.’
  • ‘It has not erupted in historic times, though it exhibits continuing fumarolic activity.’
  • ‘By the late 1980s most fumarolic activity had ceased, but the discovery of thermal springs in mid-valley in 1987 suggested continued cooling of the ash-flow sheet.’