Meaning of fun-size in English:



(also fun-sized)
  • (of a product) smaller than the standard or usual size.

    ‘fun-size chocolate bars’
    • ‘There's never an individual serving size or, God forbid, a fun size.’
    • ‘The odds are one-in-four that a "fun size" candy bar has been replaced with a powerful cathartic.’
    • ‘That means no fun size candy only the good stuff.’
    • ‘Mrs Bennett said the final straw came when she heard pupils were smuggling fun-size chocolate bars into the classroom.’
    • ‘She runs up to look inside, reaches in and pulls out a fun-size candy bar.’
    • ‘So later I went to the supermarket and noticed fun sized chocolate bars and fun-sized crisps.’
    • ‘I have two fun size candies to give per house during trick or treating.’
    • ‘Thanks to this week's sponsors for the giant bowl of fun size caramel chews.’
    • ‘So I'm thinking of taking fun size packs on our trip.’
    • ‘The program would prompt the interviewer to ask, " Was that candy bar regular, king size, or fun size?’
    • ‘What we did in our interactive is we set up four houses and we said that each kid got approximately two fun size pieces of candies.’
    • ‘They've got tiny fun sized bananas as well.’
    • ‘It's fun-size chocolate or nothing at all!’
    • ‘Being students we thought it would be beer or something but instead it was just a teeny tiny fun-size box of Smarties each.’
    • ‘She commented that in her youth the fun sized apples were the ones that weren't ripe and gave you tummy ache.’
    • ‘Each child received a T-shirt, a fun size football or all weather sliothar, a baseball cap, sports socks, sports bag and a sports water bottle.’
    • ‘Each child will receive a t-shirt, a fun-size football or all weather sliotar, a baseball cap, sports socks, a sports bag and sports water bottle.’
    • ‘There's that box of fun-size chocolates I got for Hallowe'en and didn't use because the kiddies didn't come out.’
    • ‘Britain's Packed Lunch Police are rifling through our children's lunchboxes in search of fun-size Mars bars, crisps, Coke and other contraband items.’
    • ‘In the supermarket I also found fun sized apples.’
    small-scale, scaled-down, mini