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function key


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  • A button on a computer keyboard, distinct from the main alphanumeric keys, to which software can assign a particular function.

    ‘I can toggle between the two files by pressing a function key’
    • ‘You use the four way key to select a function, and more importantly the right function key to choose functions.’
    • ‘To get around that, map an unused function key to run the program.’
    • ‘When the system is booted up and is showing the login screen, press and hold the Ctrl-Alt keys and press the F1 function key.’
    • ‘The F5 function key will add all directories as groups, thus effectively listing all your albums.’
    • ‘You fill in the name then scroll down to the relevant field for the phone number and hit the same function key which is now reading ‘Insert’.’
    • ‘Icons suited to this task present themselves at the top of the screen, with each command bound to a specific function key.’
    • ‘A function key at the bottom left enables the arrow keys at the bottom right to double up as volume and brightness settings.’
    • ‘But I haven't had any fights with the editor yet, and about all that remains is to remap the function key shortcuts in my brain.’
    • ‘I'd also like to see a global function key, one that can only trigger OS level tasks, not application level tasks.’
    • ‘The software takes a snapshot of all files, be it ‘registry files’ or ‘win files’ or data files and in the event of a crash it restores them in seconds at the mere touch of a function key.’
    • ‘Efficiency can be served when IM service personnel have scripted answers available for the most frequently asked questions, letting them copy and paste in a response or post it by pressing a predefined function key.’
    • ‘By simply hitting a function key, users could obtain advice on how to complete selected pre-award forms or could view examples of completed forms, all through hypertext screens.’
    • ‘When unsafe orders were detected, approximately nine in 10 systems allowed the user to override serious warnings, often by simply pressing a function key.’
    • ‘Two important toggle keys - bar lock and pad lock - switch the function keys and number keypad keys respectively, into dedicated Photoshop keys.’
    • ‘The game comes with a moderate amount of information including two key-maps for the keyboard and function keys, as well as a well-detailed manual with game play and vehicle information.’
    • ‘Most devices have only one, but multimedia keyboards may present the normal keyboard on one interface and the multimedia function keys on a second interface.’
    • ‘With a complement of fully customizable function keys, the keypad is suited to nearly any purpose.’
    • ‘All of the functions are controlled with function keys.’
    • ‘Several of the function keys will bring up dialog boxes in which to enter data.’
    • ‘The function keys can also be reprogrammed to open programs or perform certain functions.’