Meaning of functionless in English:



See function

‘They are functionless things, and Rashid prefers his objects to have form and function.’
  • ‘The general consensus is that the majority of the non-coding, non-regulatory DNA is functionless (the so called ‘junk DNA’).’
  • ‘He chuckled at a perky, muff-like dog tottering along as if to remind the Swedes a British dog is what a dog is - unexpendable, functionless, highly ridiculous.’
  • ‘The gargoyles are functionless and the half-timbered effect of the East wing, which is a later addition and houses a billiard room, is entirely bogus, the timbers being painted on to a surface of scabrous cement.’
  • ‘Part of this functionless, ‘junk’ DNA is made up of long stretches of repeated sequences of the four nucleotide building blocks from which DNA is constructed.’
  • ‘One of the reasons for this seems to be to do with the current obsession of video game developers with creating amazingly detailed but functionless graphics that look good in adverts and shop windows.’