Meaning of funda in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfʌndə/

nounplural noun fundas

  • A basic or fundamental principle underlying something.

    ‘her fundas in life are crystal clear’
    • ‘What struck me was the high percentage of questions about leftist fundas.’
    • ‘I just had to apply the "globe" management fundas.’
    • ‘Rocky S claims to have a lot of his fundas right.’
    • ‘The film's funda is " Get cool this summer ".’
    • ‘I don't quite buy the "any other party would have done the same thing" funda.’
    • ‘Nowadays, the accepted funda is that clothes should match the climate.’
    • ‘I started thinking what the question could be, wondering if I remembered the video, the funda behind the song etc.’
    • ‘If you're an employer please do share your fundas / experiences with recruiting freshers.’
    • ‘Clarity of fundas on your undergrad subject also matters.’
    • ‘Sivan's fundas are evident at the very outset.’
    • ‘The funda of looks is not very important today.’
    • ‘I knew the whole funda behind the song.’
    • ‘We have killed quite a few good vehicles by simply refusing to look above the funda of functionality and utility.’
    • ‘The funda of people management which I guess I learnt a bit while doing team projects in MBA and during my job.’
    • ‘No, I have not done it before but shall try to impart some practical advice and implementable fundas.’
    • ‘Her fundas in life are crystal clear: Nothing shall come in between her wants and desires.’
    • ‘Just like those monks, there are hundreds of owners of shops, trades and manufacturing units who could benefit, especially from fundas on marketing and accounting.’
    • ‘12 year old Louis gets fundas from a friend on how to handle parents who care more about how he's doing at school than anything else.’
    • ‘A math teacher, she explains complicated numerical problems through cricket fundas.’
    • ‘This simple funda is creating ripples and working wonders in Suryapet Municipality.’