Meaning of funding agency in English:

funding agency

nounplural noun funding agencies

  • An organization or department that provides funds for a particular purpose.

    ‘the UK Government's leading funding agency for research and training in engineering and the physical sciences’
    • ‘They are often reluctant to accept outside help, whether from the national government or foreign funding agencies.’
    • ‘In 1991, the government folded various arts funding agencies into one body, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.’
    • ‘Other funding agencies also contributed grants for the Lake County project.’
    • ‘Public funding is getting more and more scarce and funding agencies are requiring evidence of national benefit.’
    • ‘He stated that officers of the funding agency had assured him these excess expenses would not be challenged.’
    • ‘Proposals undergo peer review, just as with other funding agencies.’
    • ‘While some money comes from the general funding agencies it is a constant struggle to survive.’
    • ‘We need a coordinated effort by scientific journals, funding agencies, and research scientists.’
    • ‘However, it has not been subjected to funding agency review and does not necessarily reflect the views of the funding agency.’
    • ‘The funding agency played no role in the study or writing of this manuscript.’