Meaning of fundraiser in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfʌndreɪzə/

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  • 1A person whose job or task is to seek financial support for a charity, cause, or other enterprise.

    ‘a fundraiser for the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society’
    • ‘The site says that the party is seeking voluntary fund-raisers, policy workers and strategy tsars, all of which will become ‘senior leadership roles’ in the party.’
    • ‘Commercial fund-raisers used by any charity must be registered with the attorney general.’
    • ‘Charities and fund-raisers have reported a huge outpouring of support as members of the public rally to help those caught up in the devastating Asian earthquake.’
    • ‘Derwent Hall charity fund-raisers are supporting the fund and donations can be made to them on 01254 702259, or at The Grotto on Darwen Market.’
    • ‘While waiting for their turn to tech, students met with filmmakers, teachers, fund-raisers, and dance writers.’
    • ‘It is an opportunity for fun runners, joggers and charity fund-raisers to rub shoulders with the fast and famous.’
    • ‘A veteran fund-raiser finds it tough going as she seeks her fourth round of financing’
    • ‘The regulations would encourage fund-raisers to make transparent financial reports to the public, he said, which would be drawn up in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance.’
    • ‘Congress carved out loopholes for charities, politicians, and their paid fund-raisers.’
    • ‘A hardy crew of charity fund-raisers will be braving the icy waters of Windermere for the annual New Year's Day dip.’
    • ‘Sunday's event which is the world's biggest half marathon - proved popular with charity fund-raisers as well as serious runners, and those who were combining collecting cash with a personal challenge.’
    • ‘And yesterday their hard work was celebrated at Harewood House in Leeds at a special event bringing together dogs and their partners, trainers and volunteer fund-raisers.’
    • ‘He thanked the Swinford Host Town Committee, all the volunteers, sponsors, fund-raisers and everyone who contributed to the success of the three athletes.’
    • ‘For example, few of Europe's impoverished universities employ professional fund-raisers.’
    • ‘The appeal employs no professional fund-raisers and relies on the generosity and imagination of the public to raise money.’
    • ‘The Catholic Church, for one, brought in fund-raisers.’
    • ‘Both were excellent fund-raisers among the wealthy, and they kept up feminine appearances by favouring Parisian fashions.’
    • ‘Yet her fund-raisers and staff have not moved to quell Democrat hopes, preferring that the rumour mill keep on running.’
    • ‘The prodigious fund-raiser was admonished for creating the appearance that he was trading legislative favors for donations.’
    • ‘She's also an able fund-raiser and has spearheaded lucrative campaigns for the United Way and Habitat for Humanity.’
    fete, fair, sale, carnival
    1. 1.1An event held to generate financial support for a charity, cause, or other enterprise.
      ‘Patricia will be at the Town House Gallery, Market Street, Lancaster on Saturday from 1pm to 4pm to launch the charity fund-raiser.’
      • ‘Now, using money from a charity fund-raiser, they plan to buy a special crash mat for her to play on, along with steps to help her get into bed.’
      • ‘A young Stow couple have found a novel way to turn a Christmas clear-out into a charity fund-raiser.’
      • ‘Lately, he has been photographed at fund-raisers with New York socialite Hilary Geary, whom he's dating.’
      • ‘But even the revised measure is riddled with loopholes for charities, businesses, and political fund-raisers.’
      • ‘Richardson is the de facto head of fundraising for Fianna Fail and organises the key fund-raisers for Ahern's constituency operations.’
      • ‘He does 3 to 10 fund-raisers at home each year, supporting both regional and national politicians.’
      • ‘They're the ones who organize rides, training courses, social events, and charity fund-raisers.’
      • ‘Young people across the city are getting involved in everything from looking after local nature reserves to working with elderly people, mentoring younger children, working in charity shops - and doing charity fund-raisers.’
      • ‘However, since the event is part of a charity fund-raiser, Kim has taken that part seriously.’
      • ‘In the wake of last year's tsunami disaster, for instance, fund-raising was intense, but there have been no accountability reports from the fund-raisers to their donors.’
      • ‘For the venture that I'm involved in now, we held a series of fund-raisers six months before we launched the company and raised $50,000 just to get things going.’
      • ‘To raise his profile in the community, Hernandez staged fund-raisers for hospitals and schools in De La Hoya's name and created a youth center for underprivileged kids.’
      • ‘The Better Business Bureau, for example, says fund-raisers should keep their administrative expenses to less than 35 percent of total revenue.’
      • ‘He has raised millions at fund-raisers and appears in TV ads.’
      • ‘This was just with a few days of successive fund-raisers.’
      • ‘Started by a couple at their kitchen table, this company supplies gourmet treats to school and church fund-raisers.’
      • ‘People also rent the space for everything from fashion shows to fund-raisers for babies in Africa who have AIDS.’
      • ‘Write a check, make a pledge, organize a fund-raiser, but give generously consistently, and repeatedly And do it today.’
      • ‘Billingsley has organized a fund-raiser for Kirk and personally given $2,000 to his campaign.’