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funeral director


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  • An undertaker.

    ‘Mr Beckwith was at that time working in the removal business and had no experience as a funeral director or undertaker.’
    • ‘Mr Little held back tears as the tiny white coffin was carried to the grave by a funeral director and a cemetery officer.’
    • ‘In a stack of files - those of the police, the coroner, hospital authorities, council and a funeral director - he does at least have a number, probably more than one.’
    • ‘The funeral home originally was operated out of the funeral director's residence; however, the business soon outgrew the location.’
    • ‘So Dad goes to meet with the funeral director to review the family's requests, and this guy refuses - he says it's undignified and he won't do it.’
    • ‘In the years that followed, she evolved into a counsellor, a funeral director, a nurse and, most importantly, a friend to its members.’
    • ‘We are accompanied into the tent by a chaplain, a funeral director and two psychologists, all women.’
    • ‘With almost 30 years' experience working as a funeral director, there are few jokes about his profession Simon Truelove hasn't heard a thousand times before.’
    • ‘Mr Greene said Loram had been employed by him as a funeral director from 1998 until he sold the business on his retirement on 31 December 2002.’
    • ‘An investigation is under way after a funeral director gave a family the wrong ashes.’
    • ‘Council staff have reinstated the grave and the funeral director is to replace the wooden cross.’
    • ‘One funeral director revealed that 10% of his business, or 15-20 deaths a year, were pre-arranged.’
    • ‘He's from Burnie in the north-west and is best known as being a former funeral director, but he also worked for a decade as a policeman, and he drew on these experiences in the early part of his speech.’
    • ‘Veronica, who was a funeral director for 11 years prior to opening the sanctuary, lost the majority of her sight - she can only see with half of one eye - after a stroke last year.’
    • ‘A funeral director who specialises in such cultural aspects is often not attuned to the possibility of combining a selection of these with a non-religious framework for the ceremony.’
    • ‘A Lewisham funeral director, who preferred to remain anonymous, says the problem for crematoria may well become widespread in future years as the effects of obesity filter down.’
    • ‘While the funeral home business is often passed down from generation to generation, Starry never imagined she'd become a funeral director.’
    • ‘Mr Thompson, a funeral director in Harrogate, said his son was only diagnosed with meningitis when a rash appeared, despite suffering seven other symptoms of the condition.’
    • ‘The funeral director, who had known her for most of her life, called her ‘feisty,’ a nice diplomatic way of putting it.’
    • ‘The bodies are prepared by a local funeral director, wrapped in a heavy shroud, weighted and carried to a designated site miles out to sea where the ceremony takes place.’
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