Meaning of funeral urn in English:

funeral urn


  • An urn holding the ashes of a cremated body.

    ‘Of course, there is nothing new about associating art with immortality: Shakespeare's sonnets do so repeatedly, Donne imagines a poem as a funeral urn, and Keats sees a Grecian urn as an image of art's everlastingness.’
    • ‘There, under the glare of his torch and covered in a thick layer of soot was a Roman marble funeral urn lid, dating from the first century AD.’
    • ‘These include various carved bricks, artefacts, earthenware objects, metal ornaments, funeral urns, and stone sculptures, especially Buddhas.’
    • ‘The discovery of funeral urns and elaborate burial caves suggests that in earlier times the Páez were cremated.’
    • ‘The funeral urns are among the best and at the same time among the last of Willumsen's ceramic works.’
    • ‘A draped funeral urn bearing Bickerton's name, partly covered, stands on a blocky plinth with roundel portrait of the subject.’
    • ‘Ashes are collected in individual funeral urns.’
    • ‘A multicompartment funeral urn has an ash compartment and at least one alternate compartment which can be used for putting in accessories such as a book binder that can include a signature registry, a photo album or any such items.’