Meaning of funhouse in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfʌnhaʊs/


mainly North American
  • (in an amusement park) a building equipped with trick mirrors, shifting floors, and other devices designed to scare or amuse people as they walk through.

    ‘After wandering around the altered room, I felt as if I was in a fairground funhouse where floors and walls are designed to discombobulate.’
    • ‘So your partner has a thing for amusement park funhouses?’
    • ‘Looking at the available rides, the four friends could see a large Ferris wheel, a colorful merry-go-round, funhouses, a popular roller coaster and many more.’
    • ‘He channels this energy towards the intensification of a ubiquitous, paranoid, self-conscious awareness akin to being in a carnival funhouse surrounded by distorting mirrors.’
    • ‘He looked away and then stared up at the windows on the second floor of the funhouse, which were supposed to be eyes, he supposed from the paint around them.’
    • ‘Clearly, the narrative itself has taken on the attributes of a funhouse - a funhouse in which we and it have become trapped and lost, with little hope of getting to the proper end.’
    • ‘After the falls, unless a downmarket version of Blackpool is your thing, the arcades and funhouses of Niagara are best avoided for more scenic attractions.’
    • ‘Some of the attractions we intend to explore will include - funhouses, walk-throughs, darkrides, glass houses, mazes, old mills, Noah's Arks, mystery shacks (tilted houses), and haunted swings.’
    • ‘Engh likes to call them ‘trapdoors and hidden staircases,’ unexpected aspects of his funhouses that delight us when we stumble upon them.’
    • ‘The fair was once the ultimate in entertainment but the world of funhouses and spinning teacups has seen better days.’
    • ‘While some of the classic dark rides and funhouses still exist, they are becoming harder to find.’
    • ‘They liked my cartoony-style and asked if I would be interested in painting facades on their funhouses.’
    • ‘This was one of the most interesting funhouses ever mass produced and they were once everywhere but now there are only two left in the world.’
    • ‘Whether it's on the slide, in the ball fountain or climbing around in the funhouse, kids of all ages will have a blast as they let loose in one of the funniest funhouses on the planet.’
    • ‘Vekoma decided to combine the possibilities of the well known traditional funhouses with a fresh - large scale approach to breathe new life into this imaginary type of attraction.’
    • ‘Our company has built several funhouses complete with spinning tunnels, illusions, vibrating floors, funny mirrors all inside a 3D environment.’
    • ‘Many funhouses that still existed in the 1980's suddenly saw an increase in insurance and many had extensive fire protection measures.’
    • ‘Some simulators, funhouses, darkrides, and other attractions are also shown.’
    • ‘Roller coasters, funhouses, even the magic tea cup ride are all a blast thanks to Howlett speeding everything up until it sounds as though combustion is only seconds away.’
    • ‘I have always loved darkrides and funhouses, and while looking around the internet I found Laff In The Dark, a site devoted to darkrides and funhouses.’