Meaning of funicle in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfjuːnɪk(ə)l/


  • 1Botany
    A filamentous stalk attaching a seed or ovule to the placenta.

    Also called funiculus

    ‘However, at anthesis they appear one above the other, because in one ovule the funicle greatly elongates.’
    • ‘When the valves were detached in fully mature pods the main vascular bundles of each replum to which seeds were attached by their funicle could be seen at the base of each suture.’
    • ‘Each side of the pod bears a placenta divided into two placental longitudinal laminae bearing funicles to which are attached seeds.’
    • ‘The fruit pulp of O. ficus-indica originates from the funicle, which connects the seed to the ovary, indicating that fruit development depends on the presence of seeds.’
    • ‘The new species is easily distinguished from all known species in this genus by the 6-segmented funicle of female.’
    • ‘Acaciaside A and B, two acylated triterpenoid bisglycosides isolated from the funicles of Acacia auriculiformis, are known to have antihelmintic activity.’
    • ‘A common genus of scolytids with a 5-segmented funicle is Dendroctonus while Hylurgopinus has a 7-segmented funicle.’
    • ‘The enlarged, fleshy, white funicles of the neotropical Chrysothemis friedrichsthaliana are rich in fatty oil and serve as a kind of elaiosome in ant dispersal.’
    • ‘In the ripe capsule a vascular strand lies almost free between the mesocarp and the endocarp, its two halves passing through the endocarp immediately opposite the funicles of the seeds.’
    • ‘In some cases the seeds may remain hanging by their red or orange-coloured funicles from the open legume, the coloured funicle and aril acting as a bird attractant.’
    • ‘However, the strength of the funicle varies considerably within NSW specimens, with diatheca falling within the range of variation, so the subspecific name is unnecessary.’
    1. 1.1Entomology A filamentous section of an insect's antenna, supporting the club.


Mid 17th century anglicized form of Latin funiculus (see funiculus).