Meaning of funkia in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfʌŋkɪə/


another term for hosta
‘She, by the way, knew it as funkia, or its common name, Plantain Lily.’
  • ‘They are also called funkias and more commonly plantain lilies, from the Latin, Planta, meaning ‘sole of the foot’ which the large leaves resemble.’
  • ‘They were called funkias decades ago but in 1905 the name was changed to Hosta.’
  • ‘Not a few of these are also lilyworts, such as asphodels, fritillarias, day lilies, funkias, or plantain lilies, phormiums, yuccas, and aspidistras.’
  • ‘In the past, hostas also were called plantain lilies or funkias.’
  • ‘These plants are spectacular when planted in a composition with ferns, Goat's beard, funkias or day lilies.’
  • ‘This book gives an interesting look back at a time when hostas were still known as funkias, and Japanese barberries could still be considered " [o] ne of the finest hedge plants’ instead of the overgrown, invasive nuisances they are today.’


Mid 19th century modern Latin (former genus name), named after Heinrich Christian Funck (1771–1839), Prussian botanist.