Meaning of funniness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfʌnɪnəs/


See funny

‘As in previous research, only moderate correlations were found between laughter and self-report measures of perceived funniness, happiness, amusement, and anxiousness.’
  • ‘But luckily, because we rehearsed it for five solid days before we performed it for an audience, we got used to the funniness of it and were able to keep a straight face.’
  • ‘Maybe that's the point and it's supposed to be part of the funniness, or maybe there's some little detail from near the beginning that you're supposed to have memorised, but for me it spoiled an otherwise cracking good book.’
  • ‘If only he could sustain that funniness which he must naturally possess for an entire stand-up gig without resorting to cop-outs such as the aforementioned recycling of material.’
  • ‘A tragic turn of events, but made funny by the fact that it happens to children, whose ineptness at life leads them into all sorts of mayhem and funniness as a result.’