Meaning of funniosity in English:


Pronunciation /ˌfʌnɪˈɒsɪti/

nounplural noun funniosities

humorous British
  • A comical person, object, act, or remark.

    ‘Grandma looked a bit of a funniosity’
    • ‘Even when it's The Onion, which despite not being all that funny now, has a long history of funniosity.’
    • ‘The funniosity of the joke is not being brought into question here.’
    • ‘My coworkers thought I was strange but its hard to explain this type of humor to other people and have it retain its fundamental funniosity.’
    • ‘You poor louts pale in comparison to my funniosity.’
    • ‘It is not only productive of numerous funniosities, but it demonstrates the extraordinary ability of Mr. Chaplin to manufacture about 40 minutes of lively, knockabout comedy on a plot which is practically threadbare.’