Meaning of funster in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfʌnstə/


  • A person who makes fun; a joker.

    • ‘Well, I think it's fair to say and we're not exactly a completely happy bunch of funsters at the moment, but political life's a bit like that.’
    • ‘The band of funsters never appear on stage without their shell suits, signature chains of cheap gold safety pins and famously irreverent sense of humour.’
    • ‘Romeo is surely with his friends Mercutio and Benvolio, funsters who prefer wit and jest to matters of the heart.’
    • ‘Imagine a gang of funsters piling into your office for a spin on the old swivel chair.’
    • ‘MacFadzean plays Richie Excellent, the young funster who wields unearned celebrity.’
    • ‘The jury heard that the funsters had been given the keys to the house by their boss, Mr Ahern, on the assumption that he would be joining them soon for a summer of high octane japes.’
    • ‘No beer for him today, though: the 43-year-old funster - who's signed up for Alcoholics Anonymous in the past - is on red wine.’
    • ‘Against all expectations, it seems that it actually works to cast languid funster Owen Wilson as a serial killer who moves in mysterious ways.’
    • ‘We're in a cafe in Peckham, the area of London where 28-year-old Kendall lives with fellow funster Henry Naylor.’
    • ‘Now the likable Seattle-born funster becomes a landlord.’