Meaning of fur baby in English:

fur baby


  • A person's dog, cat, or other furry pet animal.

    • ‘my fur baby gets carsick, so we don't take her far unless we have medication from her vet’
    • ‘This charming story explains the special relationship between true pet lovers and our fur babies.’
    • ‘We obviously need to legislate new car safety designs to protect our fur babies.’
    • ‘The festival will also show a feature-length film about a couple whose fur baby gets kidnapped.’
    • ‘The smart fur babies took to swimming rather quickly.’
    • ‘Nikki introduced their new fur baby on Instagram, snuggling up to the cat for a sweet selfie.’
    • ‘Maybe after the two of you have realized you're capable of caring for the fur baby, you upgrade to a human baby.’
    • ‘Our oldest daughter recently married has been begging and pleading with her husband for a fur baby.’
    • ‘No kids yet but the nephews love the fur babies.’
    • ‘She lives with her husband and two fur babies.’
    • ‘It's amazing how much I can get done when my fur babies are napping.’