Meaning of fur kid in English:

fur kid

(also fur child)


  • A person's dog, cat, or other furry pet animal.

    • ‘we were looking for a place to board our two fur kids for a long weekend’
    • ‘have you noticed how relaxing it can feel to just sit and pet your fur child?’
    • ‘They did a great job bathing my fur kid!’
    • ‘My sweet, cool fur kids are getting sweet cool photos!’
    • ‘Seems that pet parents want high-performing, well-behaved fur kids.’
    • ‘Summer is road trip season, and if you're a pet owner you might just be thinking about bringing your fur kids along.’
    • ‘We went down to the kennels and we were each able to pick our fur kid for a walk.’
    • ‘On a recent trip to the mainland, my husband and I agreed that our pup needed some social time with other fur kids.’
    • ‘Each of our pets have their own special personality and we are very lucky to be owned by such wonderful fur kids.’
    • ‘He does a super job in looking after my fur kids and he always takes the time to listen as well as offer good advice.’
    • ‘Cuddlepie has now gone to share her home with Samantha, Dean and their other fur children.’
    • ‘I must say, I'm a pretty paranoid mommy to my four-legged fur child.’