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fur seal

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  • A gregarious eared seal that frequents the coasts of the Pacific and southern oceans, the male of which is substantially larger than the female. The thick fur on the underside is used commercially as sealskin.

    Two genera in the family Otariidae: the northern fur seal (Callorhinus ursinus) and the southern fur seal (genus Arctocephalus)

    ‘The biggest fight we observed was between a male fur seal and a male penguin.’
    • ‘It's home to the threatened southern elephant seal, the fur seal, two species of albatross and several species of, yes, penguin.’
    • ‘I was particularly pleased to have seen some species of wildlife that do not venture as far north as the Falklands, such as the Antarctic fur seal and wandering albatross.’
    • ‘Living in Cape Town I am lucky to have white sharks, southern right whales, Cape fur seals, and African penguins on my doorstep.’
    • ‘Within a hundred years, industrial hunters and fishermen devastated the populations of sea otters, fur seals and whales.’